Ocracoke Harbor Inn

The Ocracoke Harbor Inn, tucked away in the center of the Village, is a peaceful sanctuary with stunning views of Silver Lake Harbor. Nestled in uncompromising luxury, this inn offers honeymooners a delightful and relaxing retreat that captures the essence of Ocracoke Island with its prime location.

Scenic Views and Waterfront Delights:

As you step onto your private deck, a panorama of scenic beauty unfolds before you. The Ocracoke Harbor Inn invites you to relish in the breathtaking views of Silver Lake Harbor, creating a picturesque backdrop for your romantic escape. Alternatively, find solace at water’s edge on the docks, where the gentle lull of the water and the charm of the fishing boats departing for the day create a serene ambiance.

Luxurious Accommodations:

Discover unmatched luxury in the beautifully appointed 16 rooms and 7 suites of the Ocracoke Harbor Inn. Each space is designed to provide a delightful and comfortable vacation experience. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of uncompromising luxury, where attention to detail is paramount.

Continental Breakfast by the Water:

Awaken to the soothing sounds of the harbor and indulge in a complimentary continental breakfast served on the waterfront deck. As you sip your morning coffee, watch the fishing boats set sail for the day, setting the perfect tone for a laid-back island experience.

A Laid-Back Island Atmosphere:

Kick off your shoes and embrace the laid-back atmosphere that defines Ocracoke Island. Whether you choose to unwind in the comfort of your accommodation, stroll along the waterfront, or explore the charming village, the Ocracoke Harbor Inn encapsulates the essence of island living.

Your Harborfront Retreat:

For honeymooners seeking a perfect blend of serenity and luxury, the Ocracoke Harbor Inn stands as a harborfront retreat like no other. The picturesque surroundings, luxurious accommodations, and laid-back island atmosphere create an idyllic setting for a romantic getaway on Ocracoke Island.