Moon Palace Cancun

Discover a world of opulence at Moon Palace Cancun, an extraordinary luxury all-inclusive resort on the tranquil south shore of Cancun. Perfectly positioned just ten minutes from the airport, this lavish retreat offers over 2,000 accommodations, each a sanctuary of indulgence equipped with whirlpool tubs, 24-hour room service, top-shelf drinks, free WIFI, CHI-branded amenities, and complimentary calls to the Continental US, Canada, and landlines in Mexico. Moon Palace Cancun beckons honeymooners with over-the-top amenities, creating an unforgettable escape for both families and couples alike.

Opulent Accommodations and Over-the-Top Amenities:

Moon Palace Cancun raises the bar for luxury accommodations, enveloping honeymooners in a world of opulence. Each room, adorned with a private whirlpool tub, exudes sophistication and comfort. Over-the-top amenities, including 24-hour room service, top-shelf drinks, and complimentary calls, ensure an experience of indulgence for every guest.

Unrivaled Variety of Gourmet Dining and Bars:

Embark on a culinary journey at Moon Palace Cancun, where an unrivaled variety of gourmet dining options and bars await. From delectable international cuisines to exotic cocktails crafted by skilled mixologists, the resort caters to the most discerning palates, creating a dining experience that is both diverse and delightful.

Family-Friendly and Intimate Spaces:

Moon Palace Cancun seamlessly caters to families and couples, providing a state-of-the-art Playroom for kids and a lounge designed exclusively for teens. Honeymooners can also find intimate spaces to create cherished moments, ensuring that the resort is an ideal destination for a romantic escape.

Endless Entertainment and Activities:

Adventure awaits at Moon Palace Cancun, where a FlowRider Double Wave Simulator promises excitement for all. World-class entertainment and nightlife ensure that the evenings are as vibrant as the days, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and exhilaration.

AWE SPA® for Ultimate Pampering:

Indulge in the ultimate pampering at AWE SPA, a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Honeymooners can immerse themselves in a world of tranquility, enjoying a range of spa treatments that cater to every desire.

Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course:

For golf enthusiasts and novices alike, Moon Palace Cancun boasts a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, the course invites guests to enjoy a round of golf in a setting that combines challenge and beauty.

Moon Palace Cancun stands as a grand oasis of luxury in Maya Ka’an, offering honeymooners an unparalleled escape into opulence. From the lavish accommodations and gourmet dining to family-friendly spaces and intimate retreats, the resort caters to every facet of the honeymoon experience. Moon Palace Cancun is not just a destination; it’s a symphony of indulgence, where love is celebrated amidst over-the-top amenities and world-class experiences. For couples seeking a honeymoon that transcends expectations, Moon Palace Cancun beckons—a realm of luxury, adventure, and romance that promises memories to last a lifetime.