Memmo Baleeira Hotel

4-star hotel
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Memmo Baleeira Hotel

For honeymooners seeking a serene and contemporary escape in the breathtaking town of Sagres, Portugal, the Memmo Baleeira Hotel is a charming 4-star design hotel that promises an unforgettable experience. With its relaxed atmosphere and stunning coastal views, this hotel provides the perfect setting for couples looking to unwind and create lasting memories together.

Contemporary Design:

The Memmo Baleeira Hotel is a sanctuary of modern design, offering a tranquil retreat from the daily grind. Its contemporary atmosphere sets the stage for relaxation and romance, providing an ideal backdrop for your honeymoon.

Comfort and Views:

Choose from the resort’s 144 rooms and family-friendly suites, each offering sweeping views of the sea and the picturesque Baleeira harbor. The comfort of the Memmo unforgettable bed ensures a restful night’s sleep and all accommodations are fully equipped to meet your needs.

Amenities and Relaxation:

The hotel’s amenities cater to your every desire. Savor delectable meals at the restaurant, unwind with a drink in the bar or lounge, and soak up the sun by the swimming pool with magnificent ocean vistas. For those seeking ultimate relaxation, the spa area offers rejuvenating treatments, a sauna, and a heated indoor pool. Stay active at the gym or take a refreshing dip in the pool.

Family-Friendly Activities:

While you’re indulging in relaxation, the hotel has plenty of activities to keep children entertained. From a playroom to surf classes, there are options to ensure that both you and your little ones have an enjoyable stay.

Outdoor Adventures:

Situated in the Costa Vicentina Natural Park, the Memmo Baleeira Hotel is surrounded by stunning deserted beaches and unspoiled natural beauty. Explore the wild nature of unforgettable beauty together, whether it’s through hiking, beachcombing, or taking part in outdoor activities offered by the hotel.

Surfing Paradise:

For couples seeking adventure, the hotel boasts its own surf center and offers surf classes, making it an ideal destination for riding the waves along the beautiful Algarve coast.

In the embrace of the Costa Vicentina Natural Park, the Memmo Baleeira Hotel is a sanctuary for honeymooners looking to combine contemporary comfort with the wonders of nature. Here, romance flourishes against the backdrop of breathtaking coastal views, making it a truly memorable destination for your honeymoon in Portugal.