Margosa Hotel

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Margosa Hotel

For honeymooners in search of a quaint and picturesque escape in the heart of Jaffa, the Margosa Tel Aviv-Jaffa Hotel is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Located just minutes from the historic Old City and the vibrant flea market, this brand-new boutique hotel offers a unique and relaxing experience for guests. With a design that pays homage to the famous Jaffa orange orchards of yesteryear, Margosa Hotel seamlessly blends modern-minimalist design with traditional oriental influences, creating an enchanting ambiance that is perfect for couples.

Journey to the Heart of Jaffa:

Nestled in the heart of Jaffa, Margosa Hotel is the ideal starting point for exploring this historic and vibrant part of Tel Aviv. With the Old City and the lively flea market just a short walk away, you’ll find that every corner of Jaffa has a story to tell.

Rooms with a View:

The hotel’s design-conscious rooms come in various sizes, offering different experiences for guests. Each room features a balcony with a picturesque view of the Old City of Jaffa, creating an intimate and charming atmosphere. Inside, you’ll find high-quality beds, elegant bathrooms with fancy showers, Flat-Screen Televisions with IPTV, mini-fridges, safes, and hairdryers. For your convenience, an electric kettle with a coffee/tea set is provided. Complimentary wireless internet is available throughout the hotel, ensuring that you stay connected.

Parking Convenience:

Margosa Hotel offers underground parking, subject to availability, making your stay hassle-free and convenient. You can explore Jaffa and the surrounding areas with ease.

An Ode to Tradition:

The hotel is infused with delightful references to the famous Jaffa orange orchards that once graced the area. This nod to tradition adds a special charm to your stay, creating a unique sense of place and history.

In conclusion, Margosa Tel Aviv-Jaffa Hotel is a place where history, modernity, and charm come together to create an enchanting backdrop for honeymooners. The design, views, and attention to detail ensure that your stay is both memorable and romantic. Whether you’re exploring the historic streets of Jaffa, savoring the local flavors, or simply enjoying a quiet moment on your balcony, every experience at Margosa Hotel is filled with love and history. It’s the perfect place to begin your new chapter together in an ambiance that’s as charming as it is intimate.