Inn at Laurel Point

4-star hotel
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680 Montreal St, Victoria, BC V8V 1Z8, Canada, Victoria, British Columbia Canada V8V 1Z8
Inn at Laurel Point

From the soothing sight of a mesmerizing harbor to the total tranquility of a Japanese-style garden oasis, the Inn at Laurel Point is a honeymoon hideaway that’s equally perfect for weddings, anniversaries or any other kind of romantic escape.

Whether you’re a couple just seeking to get intimate amongst the beauty of British Columbia, or an LGBT couple looking for the perfect place to celebrate your romance, the Inn at Laurel Point is a world-class choice no matter what kind of couple you are. The beauty of Victoria surrounds you and the beauty of the Inn astounds you…whether you’d rather fill the days with nonstop activities or just relax, the Inn at Laurel Point does not disappoint.

Choose from an array of modern, deluxe rooms and suites, enjoy the top-notch service and prepare to be swept off your feet. Come for the rooms, stay for the views and get ready for a honeymoon in British Columbia that’s simply to die for.