Hotel Escale Cote Sud

3-star hotel
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Hotel Escale Cote Sud

Indulge in the romance of Corsica at Hotel Escale Cote Sud, where contemporary elegance meets historic charm in the heart of the old town. This ideally located hotel, just steps away from a pristine sandy beach, invites honeymooners to immerse themselves in a world of pure lines, intimate spaces, and noble materials.

Sophisticated Design and Pure Lines:

Hotel Escale Cote Sud stands out for its sophisticated design, characterized by pure lines and a commitment to contemporary elegance. The hotel’s aesthetic creates an intimate and romantic ambiance, providing the perfect backdrop for couples seeking a memorable honeymoon in Corsica.

Proximity to the Beach:

For those desiring sun-soaked days by the sea, the hotel’s ideal location places it just a few meters away from a beautiful sandy beach. This proximity allows guests to easily access the shores of Corsica, enhancing the overall experience of a coastal retreat.

Noble Materials and Intimate Spaces:

The use of noble materials throughout Hotel Escale Cote Sud adds a touch of luxury to the surroundings. From the lobby to the guest rooms, guests will appreciate the attention to detail and the creation of intimate spaces that invite relaxation and tranquility.

Lounge Bar “Le Rendez Vous”:

For moments of relaxation and socializing, the Lounge Bar “Le Rendez Vous” offers a stylish setting. Couples can unwind with a refreshing drink, enjoying each other’s company in a chic and inviting atmosphere.

Gastronomic Delights at “L’Escale”:

Hotel Escale Cote Sud elevates the dining experience with its restaurant “L’Escale.” Open every day of the week, the restaurant promises gastronomic delights that tantalize the taste buds. Honeymooners can savor exquisite meals in a refined setting, enhancing the overall stay.

A Romantic Escape in Corsica’s Old Town:

The hotel’s location in the heart of the old town adds a touch of romance to the overall experience. Couples can explore the charming streets, discover local treasures, and immerse themselves in the captivating atmosphere of Corsica’s historic surroundings.

Perfect Blend of Relaxation and Exploration:

Hotel Escale Cote Sud strikes a perfect balance between relaxation and exploration. Whether lounging on the nearby beach, enjoying a drink in the Lounge Bar, or savoring a gourmet meal at “L’Escale,” guests can curate their own idyllic honeymoon experience.

Impeccable Service and Modern Comforts:

The hotel’s commitment to impeccable service ensures that honeymooners feel pampered and well-cared-for throughout their stay. Modern comforts and thoughtful amenities enhance the overall sense of luxury, contributing to a memorable and enchanting escape in Corsica.

Hotel Escale Cote Sud invites honeymooners to embark on a romantic journey where contemporary elegance meets the timeless charm of Corsica’s old town—a perfect blend of sophistication, proximity to the beach, and intimate spaces for an unforgettable stay.