Hostelito Chetumal

Hostelito Chetumal Hotel + Hostal invites travelers into a vibrant and culturally rich atmosphere, providing an ideal retreat for honeymooners and those seeking a unique and communal travel experience. With proximity to Museum de la cultura maya and a variety of dining options, Hostelito Chetumal stands out as a welcoming haven for guests exploring the Chetumal area.

Cultural Excursions at Your Doorstep:

Guests of Hostelito Chetumal are in for a treat as the hotel offers easy access to the Museum de la cultura maya. This cultural gem provides a captivating journey into the Mayan heritage, allowing visitors to delve into the fascinating history of the region.

Culinary Delights Just Steps Away:

Food enthusiasts will appreciate the culinary diversity in the vicinity of Hostelito Chetumal. A la Turca Kebab, offering Middle Eastern and Turkish meals, is conveniently located just 100 meters from the hostel. This presents an excellent opportunity for guests to savor international flavors during their stay.

Explore the Local Attractions:

For those eager to explore beyond the hostel’s immediate surroundings, Dos Mulas Beach Volleyball Court is a mere 25 minutes’ walk away. This recreational spot offers a chance for guests to engage in beach volleyball and soak in the coastal ambiance.

Communal Kitchen and Free Breakfast:

Hostelito Chetumal enhances the communal spirit by providing a communal kitchen for guests to use. This shared space fosters interaction among travelers and adds to the overall sense of community. The inclusion of a free breakfast each day adds to the convenience, ensuring guests start their mornings on a delightful note.

Convenient Location:

Situated a mere 5 km from Chetumal International Airport, Hostelito Chetumal offers convenient access for travelers arriving or departing by air. The strategic location allows guests to seamlessly integrate their stay with their travel plans.

A Vibrant Hub for Travelers:

Hostelito Chetumal Hotel + Hostal stands as a vibrant hub where comfort meets community. The hostel’s dedication to providing a unique and immersive experience makes it an ideal choice for travelers seeking more than just accommodation—it’s an opportunity to connect with fellow adventurers and create lasting memories in Chetumal.