Greenwood Beach Resort

3-star hotel
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Greenwood Beach Resort

Experience the allure of Greenwood Beach Resort, a captivating haven in the Bahamas tailor-made for honeymooners seeking intimate tranquility. With just 16 inviting rooms, our Caribbean resort offers a serene atmosphere that allows you to unwind and connect amidst stunning surroundings.

Nestled only steps away from a mesmerizing Pink-Sand beach, our spacious Clubhouse beckons you with ocean views from the Terrace and a vibrant dining room. Picture yourself indulging in delicious meals, swapping tales of adventure, and toasting to love at the bar as the sun sets over the horizon. Don’t miss the magic of the monthly Full moon rise over the Atlantic, a sight to cherish.

Adjacent to the Clubhouse, a refreshing freshwater pool awaits, inviting you to cool off after a dip in the azure ocean or a leisurely stroll along our 8-mile beach. As you retreat to your room, gaze out from your private terrace to the pool area and the vast ocean beyond.

Within our 16 well-appointed rooms, comfort reigns supreme. Enjoy private baths, small terraces, and your choice of king-size beds, all enhanced by modern amenities like air conditioning or ceiling fans. Experience a sanctuary where relaxation meets natural beauty, and your Bahamas honeymoon becomes an unforgettable journey of love and rejuvenation.