Cobblers Cove

Cobblers Cove is a sanctuary of elegance and tranquility, tailor-made for honeymooners seeking an enchanting escape. With 40 individually decorated suites that open to stunning ocean views and tropical gardens, this beachside haven promises a harmonious blend of luxury and natural beauty.

The crown jewel of Cobblers Cove is the esteemed Camelot Restaurant, an epicurean haven perched at the water’s edge. Here, island-inspired dishes take center stage, showcasing the finest flavors Barbados has to offer. Chef Jason Joseph and his skilled team curate culinary delights that reflect the changing seasons, infusing each dish with locally sourced ingredients to offer a true taste of the island’s bounty.

Cobblers Cove isn’t just a hotel; it’s an experience that earned the esteemed 2018 Luxury Hotel of the Year award from the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association. Immerse yourself in the embrace of coastal serenity, savor gourmet masterpieces, and relish in the romantic ambience that Cobblers Cove weaves into every moment, ensuring your honeymoon is a symphony of elegance and unforgettable memories.