Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn

The Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn, which is tucked away in the center of Sonoma, welcomes honeymooners with the perfect balance of peaceful surroundings and romantic charm. Thanks to its thoughtful amenities and convenient location, this inn provides a delightful retreat for couples looking for a quiet and intimate getaway.

Cozy Comforts and Modern Amenities:

Couples will find the accommodations at Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn to be a perfect blend of cozy comforts and modern amenities. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and free WiFi, ensuring a comfortable stay with all the conveniences needed for a romantic getaway.

Intimate Dining Experience:

The inn enhances the romantic ambiance by offering a complimentary breakfast served on-site. Couples can start their day with a delicious meal, creating a serene and intimate dining experience amidst the charming surroundings of the inn.

Tranquil Creekside Setting:

One of the highlights of Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn is its tranquil creekside setting. The sound of the babbling creek and the lush greenery surrounding the inn create a serene backdrop, providing couples with a peaceful retreat where they can connect with each other and nature.

Convenient Location for Exploring Sonoma:

Situated close to key landmarks such as Sonoma Plaza and Sonoma State Historic Park, Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn offers a convenient location for couples to explore the attractions of Sonoma. Whether strolling through historic sites or enjoying local cuisine, the inn serves as an ideal starting point for romantic adventures.

Warm Hospitality and Personalized Service:

The warm hospitality and personalized service at Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn contribute to the overall charm of the stay. The inn’s staff is dedicated to ensuring that every guest enjoys a memorable and romantic experience, providing assistance and recommendations to make the most of their time in Sonoma.

Free Parking and Easy Accessibility:

For the convenience of guests arriving by car, Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn offers free parking. This thoughtful amenity adds to the overall ease of accessibility, allowing couples to explore the surrounding areas at their leisure.

Exploring Sonoma’s Charms:

The inn’s proximity to popular attractions like Vella Cheese Company and Mission San Francisco Solano makes it an ideal choice for couples looking to immerse themselves in Sonoma’s rich history and cultural offerings.

Relaxing and Enjoyable Stay:

Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn provides a perfect setting for a relaxing and enjoyable stay in Sonoma. Its romantic ambiance, coupled with comfortable accommodations and personalized service, ensures that honeymooners create cherished memories in this charming inn.

A Hidden Gem in Sonoma:

For honeymooners seeking a hidden gem in Sonoma, Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn stands out as a delightful choice. Its romantic allure, creekside setting, and warm hospitality make it a memorable destination for couples looking to celebrate their love in the heart of wine country.