Blind Tiger Burlington

If you’re seeking an authentic and unique honeymoon experience in the heart of Burlington, Vermont, Blind Tiger is your love letter to this remarkable city. Nestled on a tree-lined street amid historic homes, Blind Tiger stands as a grand brick mansion that pays homage to the sustainable living, artistic endeavors, and warm-hearted locals of Vermont. It’s an exceptional pied-à-terre, perfect for honeymooners who appreciate genuine, community-driven experiences.

Historic Elegance:

  • Built in 1881: Blind Tiger’s roots extend back to 1881, showcasing its enduring charm and a rich historical narrative that adds an extra layer of enchantment to your honeymoon.
  • Tree-Lined Street: The inn graces a tree-lined street, creating a serene and picturesque ambiance, perfect for unwinding as newlyweds.

Ideal Location:

  • Short Stroll to Downtown Delights: Located just a short stroll from Church Street, the Lake Champlain waterfront, and other lively neighborhoods, Blind Tiger puts you within easy reach of Burlington’s vibrant attractions. Discover the city’s diverse offerings without venturing far.
  • Burlington Heights: Situated in the sought-after Burlington Heights residential neighborhood, Blind Tiger offers the best of both worlds: accessibility to the city’s highlights and the option for tranquility when you desire it. This balance ensures that your honeymoon is both exciting and restful.

Authentic Vermont Experience:

  • Community and Creativity: Blind Tiger embraces the essence of Vermont’s sustainable, artistic, and community-driven lifestyle. As a love letter to Burlington, this inn aims to share the local experience, rejecting tourist traps and inauthentic offerings.
  • Insider’s Perspective: Your local hosts at Blind Tiger are committed to providing you with a distinctive insider’s perspective on Burlington and its surrounding areas. They have explored the city, discovering both its well-trodden paths and hidden gems. Their local knowledge ensures that your honeymoon is filled with unique, memorable adventures.

Your Love Letter to Burlington:

Blind Tiger offers honeymooners an exceptional journey that transcends typical tourist experiences. It’s a place where you can connect with the community, immerse yourself in local creativity, and uncover the heart and soul of Burlington. This grand mansion, with its historic charm and dedication to authenticity, invites you to craft a honeymoon that celebrates not just your love but also the unique character of Vermont’s beloved city.