Belton Chalet

The Belton Chalet, nestled within the pristine grandeur of Glacier National Park, is a timeless treasure that invites honeymooners to travel back in time and appreciate the elegance of a bygone period. As a National Historic Landmark since 1910, this beloved hotel, built by James J. After being closed for fifty years, the Louis Hill of the Great Northern Railway, has been meticulously restored to its former splendor. It still exists as a testimony to Montana’s rich history and natural beauty.

A Legacy of Grandeur:

The Belton Chalet is not just a hotel; it’s a living piece of history. A three-year restoration, completed in 1999, brought this remarkable landmark back to life, earning it the distinction of being a National Historic Landmark once again.

Pioneering Spirit:

The Belton Chalet holds a special place in the heart of Glacier National Park. It was not only the park’s first chalet but also its inaugural winter headquarters. As you enter its hallowed halls, you’re transported to an era where the pioneering spirit of the West thrived.

Family-Owned Hospitality:

The Belton Chalet remains family-owned, and its warm hospitality welcomes guests from around the world. You’re not just a guest; you become a part of their enduring history.

A Unique Experience:

Your honeymoon at the Belton Chalet is more than a getaway; it’s an immersion in a time when elegance and natural beauty converge. Each moment spent here is a chance to create your own chapter in the chalet’s storied history.

Discover Glacier’s Beauty:

As you explore the wonders of Glacier National Park, you’ll be reminded of the incredible natural beauty that surrounds you. From the majestic mountains to the pristine lakes, it’s a backdrop that enhances your romantic journey.

Your Montana Love Story Begins:

As you bid farewell to the Belton Chalet, you’ll carry with you not only the memories of your honeymoon but also a profound connection to Montana’s past. Book your stay and let this historic gem be the setting for your romantic adventure. Belton Chalet, where history, nature, and love unite to create a honeymoon that’s truly timeless.