Saudi Arabia

Banyan Tree AlUla

5-star hotel
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Banyan Tree AlUla

Situated amidst the captivating Ashar Valley, Banyan Tree AlUla invites you to embark on a journey where tented villas seamlessly blend with the once-hidden desert scenery, creating a haven that redefines your perception of luxury and tranquility.

A Desert Symphony:

Banyan Tree AlUla unfolds as a symphony in the desert, where the vast expanse of the Ashar Valley becomes the canvas for an extraordinary retreat. Tented villas, like threads woven into the landscape, stand as testaments to architectural brilliance and an unwavering commitment to seamlessly integrate with the natural surroundings.

An Oasis of Romance:

For honeymooners seeking a romantic escape, Banyan Tree AlUla promises an oasis of romance and intimacy. The serene desert setting sets the stage for moments of quiet connection, allowing couples to revel in the beauty of the surroundings and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Secluded Luxury:

The tented villas at Banyan Tree AlUla offer more than just accommodation; they provide a sanctuary of secluded luxury. Unwind in the embrace of your private villa, where traditional Arabian design meets contemporary elegance. Each villa is thoughtfully designed to offer the utmost comfort while blending harmoniously with the natural environment.

A Retreat from the Ordinary:

Banyan Tree AlUla is more than a hotel; it’s a retreat from the ordinary. The closure of the South Reception and Harrat Restaurant until the 31st of August and the Rock Pool from the 26th of August until the 2nd of September 2023 is a testament to the commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service and ensuring an exceptional experience for every guest.

Immersive Desert Experiences:

Immerse yourself in the enchanting desert surroundings with curated experiences that showcase the rich cultural and natural heritage of AlUla. From stargazing under the vast desert sky to exploring ancient archaeological sites, Banyan Tree AlUla offers a tapestry of experiences that connect you with the soul of the desert.

Apology for Any Inconvenience:

Banyan Tree AlUla extends sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused during the closure of the South Reception, Harrat Restaurant, and the Rock Pool for maintenance. The commitment to providing an unparalleled experience remains unwavering, and the team looks forward to welcoming guests back to these exceptional amenities.

A Tapestry of Romance and Luxury:

Escape to Banyan Tree AlUla, where the desert becomes a canvas for romance, luxury, and immersive experiences. This desert oasis invites honeymooners to embark on a journey of discovery and connection, creating moments that transcend the ordinary and linger in the heart forever.