The Top 7 Honeymoon Types in 2024

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the most popular honeymoon type including beach adventure road trip cruise city and theme park

Are you wondering what type of honeymoon you should go on? There are so many fantastic options that the decision can overwhelming, especially with all of the decisions required when planning your wedding. Well don’t worry! We surveyed hundreds of honeymooners on what type of honeymoon they went on and hopefully their responses can guide your decision making process. Here are the most popular honeymoon types:

1. Beach Honeymoon

A beach honeymoon is the most popular type of honeymoon. It is no surprise that the lure of luxurious relaxation on the beach makes for the most popular honeymoon destination. Beach destinations make up some of the most romantic getaways in the world from Caribbean islands like St. Lucia, to the scenic beaches in Los Cabos, and the picturesque beach bungalows in the Maldives and Bora Bora. These honeymoon destinations will certainly not disappoint and will make for a classic romantic honeymoon with your toes in the sand by day and incredible sunsets at night.

2. Adventure Honeymoon

Calling all adrenaline junkies! We found that about 15% of newlyweds classified their honeymoons as “adventure.” If you’re going to travel why not go all out and try some adventurous activities like zip lining, snorkeling, a Safari, or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. These thrill-seeking activities will be sure to leave lasting memories.

3. Road Trip Honeymoon

The third most popular honeymoon is a road trip. Grab a map, fill up the tank, and pick a destination with your spouse to embark on your first vacation as a married couple. The ease and low cost makes a road trip honeymoon appealing to many newlyweds.

4. Cruise Honeymoon

Cruise honeymoons are a popular honeymoon type for couples that want to travel to a variety of destinations and also have the benefits of staying in the “same” place. Cruises offer many benefits for your honeymoon such as planned excursions, a variety of restaurants, on board entertainment, all-inclusive options, and fantastic destinations. It is no surprise that almost 10% of newlyweds take a cruise for their honeymoon.

5. City

While most honeymooners venture out to the beach or go on an adventure, many newlyweds head into the city for their honeymoon. With such amazingly romantic destinations around the world such as Paris, Venice, and Buenos Aires, it is not surprise that nearly 10% of newlyweds opt to go into the city for their honeymoon.

6. Theme Park Honeymoon

Around 5% of all honeymooners head to a theme park for their honeymoon, with the most popular being Disney World. Theme parks obviously offer tremendous opportunities for daytime entertainment including rides, shows, and endless performances. At night, theme parks often cater towards more towards adults and frequently have romantic options for honeymooners and tourists traveling for special occasions. Theme parks are not just for kids!

7. Winery or Vineyard Honeymoon

Class, class, class. While less than 5% of newlyweds visit a vineyard for their honeymoon, these couples certainly know how to enjoy the finer things in life. Wineries in California, France, and New Zealand can make for a romantic and delicious honeymoon destination. Beyond wine, these destinations often offer incredible food and lodging in beautiful settings.

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