How to Be the Perfect Honeymoon Groom

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The wedding went without a hitch. The new wife is thrilled. The in-laws haven’t eaten you alive, the cousins didn’t fight, the band was on time and your best man did everything right. But to create the right start to newlywed life, the next step is to pull off the flawless honeymoon.

Sure, even if you’ve done all your homework and preparation, many things are still going to be left to chance. However, there are plenty of ways to maximize the likelihood that whatever honeymoon destination you’ve chosen, your romantic getaway ends up picture-perfect. You, the groom, are a major part of this, and here are some ideas for how to be the perfect honeymoon groom:



Let’s assume you’ve done everything perfectly up to this point: You know where you’re going, you’ve picked your “must-do” activities, budgeted carefully and planned it all to a “T.” All that preparation is about to pay off. Once you arrive and settle in, just relax!

The stress and chaos of planning is over, so spend your first hours of married life together with a few deep breaths as you take in your surroundings. Don’t book anything that starts the moment you arrive, that way you can unwind and just enjoy the start of your new life without a hint of that hustle and bustle from the planning stages. Instead of unpacking, unwind and soak it all in.


Surprise Her.

Start off the honeymoon with a positive memory to set the tone for you both. Maybe you sneak to a local jewelry store and buy her something local, or surprise her with a romantic dinner you’ve already made reservations for. Propose a walk together on the beach, only to end up at a beachfront couples’ massage that you’ve pre-arranged. The possibilities are endless, and she’ll remember the gesture forever after.


Keep Mementos.

After years of married life, you’ll want to keep memories of the newlywed stage to warm your hearts later on. Keeping a momento or two from the honeymoon is a great way to remind yourselves of how in love you really are. Whether it’s a local craft you buy that goes up as a decoration in your home, or the coasters from your first honeymoon drink, you’ll have mementos to help you keep that newlywed passion alive.


Become a Photo Pro.

Without an actual professional photographer like you had at the wedding, your skills behind the camera will be tested on the honeymoon. You’ll want the photos of your romantic getaway to be as good as possible to help you remember that old honeymoon bliss when things slow down and “normal” married life begins. Get to know the ins and outs of your camera. Most cameras  have a flash that’s effective at 10 feet or less, and various settings for different situations if you’re not familiar with the technicals of exposure, shutter speed, and so on.

Use the “rule of thirds” by never centering your subject (or your sweetheart) right in the middle of the frame. Try to get some candid shots for a natural look (you can always delete the ones that don’t turn out well,) and remember that during midday it’s harder to get good shots because of the intense sunlight – the softer light of sunrise and sunset are better times for shots with picture perfect lighting.


Plan Another.

One great way to keep the honeymoon magic alive is to start thinking about your next romantic getaway together. Even if its far less extravagant than the actual honeymoon, it will give you both something to look forward to and give you a big ole’ romantic check to cash later and keep the fire burning hot.


Keep It Going.

In the heat of newlywed romance, it’s easy to remember how much she appreciates little gestures like surprise flowers, cute notes or chocolates on the pillow. But when the honeymoon phase is over, this kind of thing becomes more important than ever! Keep the spark alive throughout your new married life. Arrange for flowers and call her at work to ask her out like you’re dating again, arrange a masseuse to surprise her when she gets home or prepare a romantic gourmet meal (if cooking isn’t your strong suit, you can always order something fancy and set it up with flowers and candles.)

The point is, the “honeymoon hangover” doesn’t have to apply to you! It just takes a little effort, and she’ll remember the things you do for her both big and small. Every little gesture goes a long way toward keeping the bliss of newlywed life alive and well, and your relationship will be stronger for it.


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