Should You Change Your Name Before or After Your Honeymoon?

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By Jim Campbell | Updated on February 12, 2024

Getting married and changing your name can be complicated for most brides. Especially if you are taking your honeymoon shortly after getting married, there is a lot of pressure and uncertainty in navigating this once-in-a-lifetime switch.

Should You Change Your Name Before or After Your Honeymoon?

You should change your name after your honeymoon.

This is only true if you’re on a flight right after your wedding day. Name changes don’t happen overnight and are, unfortunately, complicated. Not changing your name is the fastest way to escape on your honeymoon (and it’s going to save you some time to enjoy wedded bliss before you have to deal with DMV, Social Security office, bank — ugh sorry).

If you’re on your honeymoon in the days or weeks after your wedding, book your trip in your maiden name. You might have time to complete the name-changing process. It is then safe to book in your married name, provided you are proactive and timely in legally changing your name and obtaining the necessary documents. Remember that your best bet is to have all your documents changed and set to go before you embark on your journeys, so make sure you have plenty of time to make that happen.

Also, you have until your first anniversary to change your passport name for no additional fee.

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