10 Best Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

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Just got engaged? Congratulations! Now that you are ready for the next step, it’s time to plan the wedding. Part of the plan is ensuring you have the right maid of honor and bridesmaids. So, how will you ask them to be part of your wedding party? This is where you come up with the best bridesmaid proposal ideas.

Here are the best bridesmaid proposal ideas you can use.

10 Best Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Here Are the Most Unique Best Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

1. Get Custom Illustrated Puzzles

Have you ever thought about getting a custom-illustrated puzzle? If your maid of honor and bridesmaids love puzzles, this is an excellent idea.

Puzzles are a great and fun idea. And you can make one without having to spend lots of money. There are many ways online to make virtual proposal puzzles. Or, you can send out a physical puzzle to ask them to be part of your wedding party.

Once your potential maid of honor and bridesmaids receive the puzzle, they can put it together. The proposal can be the phrase ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?” printed on the puzzle.

2. Organize a Surprise Party

Weddings can be a special occasion for the maid of honor and bridesmaids. This is possible by organizing for them a surprise proposal party.

Start by inviting all the people you want to be on your team. You can have them believe this party is to celebrate something else. Then, when they are enjoying themselves, propose.

A well-prepared speech can do the trick. Make sure you can hold back the tears until after you ask them. Organizing a special proposal party is another brilliant idea. Remember to have food and drinks at the event.

3. Send them Custom Made Jewelry

Everyone loves to feel special and enjoys receiving the jewelry. Are you planning the best bridesmaid proposal?

You can have a custom bracelet or necklace made for this special occasion. Have a jeweler inscribe the phrase ‘Will you be my bridesmaid’ or ‘Will you be my maid of honor’ on the piece. After that, they can package it and ship it to them.

Custom jewelry is something your maid of honor and bridesmaid will treasure. You can even come up with a set containing a matching chain, bracelet, and earrings. Have a note with the package proposing they be part of your wedding party.

4. Invite them for a Special Brunch

Imagine all the fun you have when you go out for brunch. The same experience is possible, but now you plan a special request.

So, begin by inviting all your special people to a special brunch. Tell them it is important they attend since you have a crucial announcement. Once they all gather and you start having a wonderful time, you can stand up and propose.

Or, an even better idea is coordinating with the staff who serve your table. They can bring out small gift boxes for each participant with a special message.

5. Send a Bar of Chocolate

Are you looking for a small bridesmaid proposal gift to send them? A bar of chocolate in a neat package with a card is a great idea.

Get to learn their favorite chocolate and go on the hunt. Once you have them, pack the chocolates in lovely gift boxes. Send the gift boxes with small cards with the words ‘Will you be my bridesmaid.’

This is one of the unique invitation ideas. It shows you know them by choosing to send their favorite chocolate (or treat for those who don’t like chocolate).

6. Send Out a Personalized Tote Bag

Tote bags are awesome since they are customizable. So, getting several tote bags and having a special message on them is a good idea.

Consider your budget as you plan the best bridesmaid proposal ideas. The good news is that tote bags are versatile and affordable. These multifunctional bags are easy to purchase in bulk and pack as a gift with a card.

Once your bridesmaids receive the tote bags, that’s not the end. They can use these bags each time they go shopping and replace paper bags.

7. Book a Spa Date

Your maid of honor and bridesmaids will enjoy a special day to relax. This is why a spa date is such an excellent proposal idea.

They can get massages, manicures, pedicures, and facials at a spa. You can pop the question as you gather for a relaxing steam or mud bath.

Best Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Planning a spa date can be tricky, but few people can turn down a day of relaxation. Get to learn the itinerary at the spa and pick the best time to ask them.

You can have a special message on pastries like cookies. Some brides even go a step further and have small gift baskets that the staff will deliver. Once you all gather for some drinks and treats, everyone opens their package and sees the special message, ‘Will you be my bridesmaid.’

8. Send a Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers and a card are a classic way to send a special message. Organize with a florist to deliver flowers to all your bridesmaids and maid of honor.

You can write a small message on all the cards asking them the big question—if you know which flowers they love, even better. The personal touch of sending them their favorite flowers creates a lasting memory.

9. Plan a Themed Movie Night

Invite your potential maid of honor and bridesmaids for a themed movie night. If they aren’t aware of your engagement, this is the night to let the cat out of the bag.

Pick the best place to host the movie night, buy drinks, and prepare food. Once they all arrive, they can change into comfy jammies and settle in.

The best movies for such a night can revolve around the wedding theme. The classics like ‘Wedding Planner’ and ‘Runaway Bride’ are great for setting the mood. After that, you can pick the best time to ask them.

10. Sing It Out During Karaoke Night

Karaoke nights are epic and lots of fun. Usually, these events are at bars where you all gather to unwind.

Send a special invite to all, inviting them for a special karaoke night. You can drop a hint that there will be a special announcement. Once the night progresses, you can take the mic and sing a love song.

As you announce your engagement, it’s a great time to also propose to the bridesmaids. ‘Please be my bridesmaid’ can appear on the screen if possible. It’s all about creativity on this special night.


These are the best bridesmaid proposal ideas you can find. They’re simple to execute and ensure there’s a wow factor. Having a maid of honor and bridesmaid gracing the special day is important. So, you have to get creative when inviting them to participate in the event.

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