Top Ten Reasons to Honeymoon with a Tour Operator
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Top Ten Reasons to Honeymoon with a Tour Operator

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When it comes to romantic getaways, many couples don’t immediately think of booking an organized tour when they’re trying to plan their honeymoon. But, regardless of which destination you’d like to visit, there are a ton of great reasons why a tour operator might be the best choice! Here are our top ten reasons to book your honeymoon with a tour operator.


10. Amazing Value.

Every couple wants to make their dream honeymoon a reality, but with a limited budget to make it happen. With their relationships with local hotels, activity companies, transportation companies and local vendors, tour operators are able to deliver romantic getaways for a much better value than you would be able to get on your own.

Traveling with a small group doesn’t have to mean a less intimate honeymoon, but it’s sure to reduce your costs! Since the most common thing married couples argue about is their finances, you’ll be starting newlywed life on the right foot by using a tour operator for your romantic trip.


9. See More, Stress Less.

Reputable tour operators are experts in the regions where they operate, and have designed itineraries that show you the best of your honeymoon destination all in one trip. With so much to see and do, planning your own honeymoon in China, Italy or anywhere else could get overwhelming fast!

A tour operator can take you to all the sights with hotels booked, transportation arranged and dinner reservations made. In other words, leaving it to the experts will allow you to see more, stress less and have the perfect honeymoon without the stress of planning every detail yourselves.


8. Get Exotic.

There are lots of great reasons to visit exotic lands where the language is unrecognizable, the culture is alien and just asking where the bathroom is can be an adventure. But even most adventurous couples aren’t interested in going so far from their comfort zone on their honeymoon.

With a tour operator, you can visit the most exotic locales imaginable and not have to worry about figuring out how to haggle with taxi drivers, explain your dietary restrictions to restaurant staff or decode traffic signs in foreign languages. In other words, your tour operator will take care of everything so you can experience the best of an exotic honeymoon destination without worrying about the stress and safety concerns that would otherwise come with it.


7. Make Friends.

It’s not uncommon to hear of all kinds of travelers making lifetime friends through a travel experience with a tour operator. Booking your honeymoon with a tour operator will expose you to a small group of like-minded travelers from around the world, and you might be surprised to find yourselves making new friends that you keep in touch with, and maybe even keep traveling with, all throughout your married lives. Sharing the experience makes it all the richer.


6. Custom Trips.

A common misconception about traveling through a tour operator is that you’re “locked in” to a rigid structure where, if there’s something you find you’d rather not do, you have to go along anyway. This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Though itineraries are pre-planned, the best tour operators are flexibile enough to allow you to custom-tailor your adventure however you like. From where you eat dinner to just taking a break and resting with your sweetheart, your honeymoon is still your own – but with the experts always there to help when you need them.


5. Better Service.

A great tour operator will have close relationships with local businesses, meaning you’ll only go to tried-and-true hotels, restaurants and attractions. In other words, you won’t have to worry about flipping through guidebooks before every meal just to see if a restaurant is worth your time and money.

Plus, with your own guide always near, if any issues do pop up they can be resolved quickly and easily. Take away the guesswork to make sure every experience is wonderful by using a reputable tour operator – they’ve already done the hard part for you!


4. All-Inclusive Packages.

Many tour operators run trips that are true all-inclusives…from hotel stays to meals and even airfare and trip insurance, the convenience of a true all-inclusive honeymoon is tough to beat.

Even tour companies that don’t include everything should let you know beforehand exactly what isn’t included so you’ll know how to prepare. Pick your romantic destination, book your trip, pack your bags and you’re off to honeymoon heaven!


3. Time is of the Essence.

Between planning, booking and actually taking the trip, you might feel like you spent more time worrying about the honeymoon than actually enjoying it. Not only does a great tour operator take care of all of that for you, but once you’re actually on your trip you’ll see more in a shorter time than if you travel independently. With busy modern lifestyles and most honeymoons lasting about a week, the tour structure keeps things exciting and moving fast so you don’t miss a thing.


2. Soak It Up.

Traveling abroad on your own, it’s easy to end up with your face buried in a guidebook for half the trip. Worrying about things like cultural mishaps, bad food or getting ripped off means you have to watch your back and research continually as you travel, leaving no time or energy to just relax and absorb the culture, people and sights of the destination.

Kiss the chaos goodbye and use your time the way it was meant to be used – for soaking up the atmosphere and taking in all the honeymoon excitement.


1. Local Insight.

With expert guides and extensive knowledge of the regions they serve, a great tour company will give you the opportunity to not just see the biggest and most popular sights, but also the ones you might miss traveling on your own. It’s like traveling with a local insider who has the scoop on everything you might want to see and do.

A great guide custom-tailors every trip, so honeymooners in foreign lands can discover hidden romantic gems as if uncovered just for them. Also, insights from travelers who have taken the same tour can be found on the operator’s website or online forums, so you can see feedback from real travelers before you decide on the honeymoon tour that’s right for you.

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