Most Romantic Seychelles Beaches
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Most Romantic Seychelles Beaches

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The Seychelles is synonymous with honeymooners, and for good reason. On this island
country in the Indian Ocean, there are some of the best beaches the world has to offer. With temperatures rarely dropping below 24°C (75°F) and more than 2,500 hours of sunshine a year, it certainly is the perfect country to get away with a loved one for a few weeks on a perfect beach. Here are ten of the best, in no particular order:




10. Anse D’Argent.

Found on the Seychelles third most inhabited island, La Digue. This picturesque beach is said to be the most photographed in the world. The sand is white and  powder-soft, and the coral reef ensures the crystal clear turquoise water stays calm. Combined, this means this is the perfect place to relax together sampling the local drink, palm wine, which is traditionally served out of a coconut shell.




9. Anse Lazio.

Nestled amongst granite rocks, this beach is found on the northwest of Praslin Island and has the final say in luxury. Often mentioned in the world’s top ten beaches list, this tropical retreat is perfect for those looking to add a bit of luxury to their honeymoon. The two top-quality restaurants nearby offer great cuisine by the sea.




8. Port Launay.

This beach is situated on the northwest side of the Seychelles largest island, Mahé, where the critically-endangered jellyfish tree and the carnivorous pitcher plant can be found. This beautiful beach is perfect for snorkeling due to the abundance of colorful tropical fish. There is also an impressive array of shells and coral that get washed up on the shoreline,
but as the beach is a Marine National Park, it is illegal to take any with you.




7. Anse Royale.

Found on the opposite side of Mayé to Port Launay and just down from the enchantingly-named Fairyland, this beach offers arguably the best snorkelling in the Seychelles. The coral reef serves to keep the waters calm, offering a safe haven for the brightly coloured smaller fish and keeping out the predators.




6. Anse Takamaka.

Like the Anse Royale this beach, located on the southwest of Mahé, this beach is also famed for its extensive marine life. Even the name conjures up feelings of a tropical paradise, let alone the sea turtles and the pairs of stingrays which can often be spotted from the golden sand of this Marine National Park.




5. Intendance Beach.

Also found in the south of Mahé, this half a mile stretch of powdery sand is a spot that surfers often seek out. There is no reef here so the sea is much choppier, offering up some huge breakers at times. However, it is advised to bring food and drinks along as there are no shops or restaurants nearby.




4. Anse Coco.

This secluded beach is only accessible by foot, via a twenty-minute walk through a forest. This means it’s rarely busy, great for those looking for a quiet relaxing beach. There are a few waves here and some mild currents as well as coral reef in some parts, so take care whilse swimming. That aside, this is a great beach on the eastern coast of La Digue.




3. Denis Island.

The most northerly off all the beaches in the Seychelles, this stretching expanse is teeming with marine life. A beautiful beach, found on a romantic island which is perfect for newlyweds on a luxury romantic holiday or honeymoon. Think sandy beach, coconut palms and warm turquoise water at Denis Island.




2. Beau Vallon.

This is the most popular beach resort in Mahé, so expect it to be busy at peak times. This is a great beach for Familymoons as it’s very safe for children, with little or no currents and soft sand along with a life guard on duty, meaning they’re ok to explore – just make sure they watch out for sea urchins! For those not looking to just laze around with a cocktail, there are water sports to sample as well as a diving centre.




1. Petit Anse La Digue.

Like the Anse Coco, this is a very secluded beach just a short walk over some rocks from the much larger Grand Anse. There are some strong currents and the waves can pick up at times, so be wary if taking a dip. The beach is very quiet with nowhere to eat (except if the fruit and coconut man decides to turn up). Still it’s the perfect place to get away from everything for a while.

This is a guest post by travel and sports writer Jake Coughlan. Jake is a BJTC accredited journalist who currently works for luxury travel blogzine Adelto.

Credit to the Seychelles Tourism Board, Gerard Larose and Raymond Sahuquet for images.