JAMAICA: The Best Honeymoon Activities To Enjoy In 2023

JAMAICA: The Best Honeymoon Activities To Enjoy In 2023

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As one of the largest islands in the Caribbean, it’s no surprise that JAMAICA is absolutely bursting at the seams with activities. From watersports to candlelight dining, there is more than a little something for everyone, which is why it enjoys a reputation for being a tropical oasis for honeymooners. Couples can customize their once-in-a-lifetime trip based on their desires and interests, and there is enough to see and do to warrant returning on every anniversary for years to come! For the couple that wants to pack in as much romantic fun as possible, here are eleven of the best honeymoon activities for feeling the vibe of JAMAICA!

Raft Down the Martha Brae

Looking for an experience that you won’t get anywhere but in JAMAICA? Rafting down the Martha Brae is it! The beloved activity has been around for more than 5 decades, and there are dozens of licensed dispatchers that will take you on a leisurely ride down the river on a 30-foot bamboo raft. Couples can snuggle up close to one another at the back of the raft while enjoying a refreshing drink. Plus, the knowledgeable guides will be happy to share fascinating stories about the river and the wildlife that calls it home. Be sure to arrive early to visit Miss Martha’s Herb Garden to learn all about the island’s essential relationship with local herbs for healing and medicinal purposes.

Take In The Caribbean Sun at Seven Mile Beach

Internationally recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches on earth, Seven Mile Beach is a utopic destination for beach lovers. The immaculate white sands, vibrant blue waters, and picturesque palm trees all combine to create a paradisical setting for romance. In addition to the charms of simply laying out on the beach and taking in the Caribbean sun, there’s a terrific array of restaurants, bars, and watersports to enjoy, making it an everyday vacation destination with endless opportunities for new experiences. And you can make your trip even more memorable by enjoying the sights on horseback, which is the perfect way to be at one with JAMAICA’s natural beauty.

Fun fact: The beach is only about 6 miles long, but the crescent-shaped shoreline is so sensational that it lives up to the charming embellishment!

Dine By Candlelight In A Private Cave

Negril‘s serene setting has made it a honeymoon staple for decades, and perhaps the most romantic spot in the town is The Caves. Couples will undoubtedly want to check out the cottages and spa, but it’s the private dining in the authentic caves that absolutely must be experienced. You’ll sit down to a delectable five-course meal while surrounded by gently-flickering candles and colorful bougainvillea petals. The experience is one you’ll never forget, and with the mesmerizing backdrop of the illuminated caves behind you, your friends on Instagram will never forget it either!

Swim With Dolphins at Dolphin Cove

23 acres of JAMAICA’s most appealing nature awaits honeymooners at Dolphin Cove Jamaica. This Montego Bay sanctuary opens up to a magnificent aquatic park where visitors can interact with a variety of marine mammals and friendly ocean animals. The dolphins swim right up to you for photo opportunities that you’ll savor for a lifetime, with kisses, handshakes, and hugs welcoming you to the delightful Caribbean island.

Climb To The Top of Dunn's River Falls

Nestled within a tropical section of Ocho Rios is where you’ll find the haven for adventure that is Dunn’s River Falls. The centerpiece of the natural paradise is the 180-foot-tall, 600-foot-long waterfalls that stream through an intricate pattern of centuries-old travertine rock formations. There’s plenty to see and do at the cherished spot – like speeding along a zipline or strolling the gardens – though taking the roughly 60-90 minute climb to the top of the falls is a rite of passage for visitors.

Indulge In A Spa Day

After months of accumulated stress from planning the ultimate wedding, your honeymoon is the chance to unwind and finally revel in your loving union. A trip to the spa is an essential aspect of every honeymoon, but JAMAICA stands alone in its breadth of treatments and spectacular facilities. From Rockhouse Spa in Negril to Half Moon in Montego Bay, the island is heaven for full-body massages, beauty therapies, therapeutic rituals, and revitalizing treatments. You and your partner can lay side-by-side during a couples’ massage as experienced professionals introduce you to the ancient art of holistic spa therapy. Let your worries simply melt away while taking in the tropical splendor.

Sail Away On A Catamaran Cruise

The quiet Caribbean waters that surround JAMAICA are indeed beautiful from land, though appreciating them from aboard a catamaran cruise is one of the island’s most romantic pleasures. Cruises are available in plenty of configurations, with everything from dinner cruises to a private experience reserved for two. Imagine yourself with an ice-cold cocktail in hand, taking in the lovely sounds of authentic Caribbean music while gazing out at the setting sun. As the sky is taken over by a rich palette of interweaving reds, yellows, and oranges, you and your loved one will find yourselves in a honeymoon oasis that is beyond words.

Leap Into Blue Hole

The natural wonder that is Blue Hole in Ocho Rios has influenced countless movie scenes thanks to its pristine waters and beautiful waterfall. Lovebirds are free to experience this Jamaican hidden gem however they wish, whether it be with a romantic swim or a thrilling ride on the rope swing above the falls. You can extend your experience with a Lazy-River-esque tubing trip, but simply taking in the gorgeous scenery is worth traveling to this Ocho Rios favorite.

Stroll Through Lush Botanical Gardens

JAMAICA is well known for its stunning diversity of tropical plants and animals, and when it comes to enjoying them in the most romantic setting imaginable, botanical gardens like Konoko Falls are second to none. Couples can stroll through the lush foliage, hand in hand, observing the rich abundance of life and delightful floral aromas. And when it’s time to grab a bite, the scenery is an idyllic setting for a picnic for two. These quiet spots are the perfect answer to leisurely mornings and afternoons.

Take In The Sunset at Lovers' Leap

The story of Lovers’ Leap is almost as fascinating as the sweeping views you’ll enjoy from the 1700-foot cliff. Located along Treasure Beach on the southern coast of the island, the lookout point offers an impeded look at Frenchmans Bay. In addition to being home to the highest lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere, the St. Elizabeth spot has Jake’s, a renowned restaurant with on-site oceanfront bungalows for honeymoon lodging. Whether you stay for dinner or for your entire honeymoon, be sure not to miss the sunset, which is among the most awe-inspiring sights you’ll ever witness.

Sip Blue Mountains Coffee at the Source

Considering that only coffee grown above 3000 feet can be called Jamaica Blue Mountains Coffee, those looking for the best coffee in the Caribbean will want to taste it right where it’s grown! Two of the best places to enjoy it are Croydon In The Mountain and Craighton Estate, both of which feature a fascinating tour after making your way to the hidden areas. The experience is an absolute must for couples that share a passion for the quality of their morning brew.