7 Tips On How To Find The Best Silicone Wedding Bands

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Weddings mark the beginning of a lifelong commitment between two people. And wedding rings are designed to represent that union. The sentiment imbued with these accessories is nothing short of beautiful, but let’s admit it – metal rings aren’t always the most comfortable to wear. This is where silicone rings and bands enter the picture. 

Read on to learn more about why you should switch to this alternative and how you can find the best silicone wedding bands for you and your partner.

What Are Silicone Wedding Bands?

As their name suggests, silicone wedding bands are wedding rings made of silicone, a synthetic polymer created from monomers. Sometimes they are also referred to as rubber wedding bands or plastic wedding bands.

They come in different styles, sizes, textures, and colors — and can be customized to capture the unique bond you and your spouse share.

If you are searching for wedding jewelry and considering silicone rings, in particular, here are some popular brands you can check out:

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Silicone Wedding Rings

Silicone rings aren’t just a short-lived trend in the wedding scene. With the many advantages these rings offer, it’s no wonder why more couples are switching to silicone.

Here are reasons to convince you and your significant other to opt for silicone wedding rings.


Because of their flexibility, silicone rings can take the shape of the finger of the wearer. Unlike their metal counterparts, they will remain intact — they won’t become loose when the weather is colder or tight when it’s hot. 

They’re also lightweight, helping you express your commitment to your partner more comfortably. 


Silicone bands are non-toxic, non-conductive, and safe for people with allergies. They won’t cause injuries like finger avulsion and blistering as long-worn metal rings do. If you’re degloving, they also won’t cause damage to your gloves. 

If the ring gets caught in something, you or someone can easily cut it off without hurting your finger or hand.


You have different things to spend your money on for your wedding. If you want to marry practicality with aesthetics when it comes to your rings, going for a silicone ring is a wise choice. 

While traditional metal rings come with a price tag worth thousands of dollars, a silicone-made alternative will only cost about a tenth of that (or even less). Because of this, you can easily replace them when misplaced or damaged.


Another great thing about silicone accessories is that they’re waterproof and UV resistant. They can withstand several elements like extreme temperature change and moisture. 

At an affordable price, you and your partner can have a wearable wedding memento that will last a lifetime. 


You can wear your silicone rings and bands no matter what kind of lifestyle you have. They’re especially ideal if you’re active or a jet setter. If you’re a doctor, nurse, electrician, firefighter, or have any other profession that entails working in a harsh environment, you can also opt for special-grade silicone rings and bands. 

These accessories also look good whether you’re wearing casual or formal attire.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Silicone Wedding Bands

Women’s and men’s silicone wedding bands are a practical, modern emblem of love. Here’s a quick guide if you’re looking for the perfect bands for you and your partner.

1. Get The Right Ring Size

You can achieve maximum comfort and fit if you get the right size. Note that sizing varies from shop to store, so check the chart of the store where you’re buying. 

Apart from size, also consider the ring’s thickness. Thin rings are ideal for everyday use though you might only barely feel them. Meanwhile, thicker ones (at least 3 mm) are more noticeable.

2. Choose A Style That Resonates With You And Your Partner

Silicone rings are highly versatile when it comes to style. You can find plain rings or ones with striped or geometric designs. They’re also available in muted and bright colors and with metallic hints. 

With this range of options, you’ll have more liberty to choose a style that best fits your preference.

3. Inquire About Engraving

Engraving services can make women’s and men’s silicone rings more personal. You can ask for specific designs to be carved out or even your name, the wedding date, and a short verse.

4. Don’t Compromise Quality

When shopping for your wedding rings, be mindful of the quality. Make sure you pick one that has smooth edges. Lower-quality bands and rings will have rough edges that can irritate the finger and make you feel uncomfortable. 

5. Think About Storage

When you aren’t wearing the silicone band or swapping it out with your traditional ring (if you also have one), you must have storage where you can safely keep it. Most high-quality silicone accessories come with a gift box, carabiner, or zipper pouch. 

6. Take Into Account Your Lifestyle And Profession

Wedding rings are very personal belongings. When looking for one, it’s imperative to consider your unique lifestyle. 

If you’re the kind of person who always goes to the gym, you’ll benefit a lot from having a flexible and durably made ring. If you work as a healthcare professional, you can get a medical-grade silicone ring to ensure it remains hygienic. 

7. Check About Their Lifetime Warranty

Pro tip: If you want authentic silicone bands or rings, check if they come with a lifetime warranty. The lack of it is a big red flag. You can get a new silicone ring through this warranty if it gets lost or broken.

Silicone Wedding Bands FAQs 

As wedding rings and bands symbolize you and your spouse’s union, you have to make an effort to choose the right one. Silicone rings and bands are one of the best options out there.

Are Silicon Wedding Bands Safe?

They are considered safer than traditional metal bands. They are flexible and don’t contain toxins and other materials that can trigger allergies.

How Long Do They Last?

They can last for several years — thanks to their superior durability and resistance to different elements, including heat and moisture. If you or your partner lose them, you can easily replace them because they’re budget-friendly.

Are They For You And Your Partner?

If you’re the type of couple who value practicality and versatility, investing in the best silicone wedding bands is one of the best decisions you’ll make. 

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