5 Tips for Checking Reviews on Honeymoon Destination Sites

You’ve said “I do,” purchased the rings, and have everything ready for your big day. All that’s left is to find a honeymoon destination spot and a place to stay. While you may think it’s as simple as sitting down with your future spouse, deciding on a location, and making reservations, it’s not quite that simple.

Horror stories abound of newly married couples who had the perfect wedding, then their honeymoon was completely ruined. Whether it was because the hotel wasn’t what they were told it would be or the service at the bed and breakfast was horrible, their honeymoons weren’t the great start to life they thought it would be. You can avoid having your own horror stories of a ruined honeymoon by doing a few things when you’re checking out that honeymoon destination site and accommodations. One of those things is taking the time to read the reviews on the site. Below you can find a few tips for reading the reviews on the honeymoon destination site you’re considering before you click to make a reservation.

Look for Negative Reviews First

You want to look for negative reviews about the places you’re considering staying first. While you can’t base your decision as to where you’re going to honeymoon on a few negative reviews, if you see a pattern then you need to research it further, and possibly find another place to honeymoon.

Date of Reviews

You want to look at the dates for the reviews as well. If the last negative review was over a year ago and all the reviews since then have been positive, then you might be in the clear. Go on planning your flowers for the wedding and be happy that you’ve found the right honeymoon destination to start your life as man and wife.

Watch for How Management Responded

Soon you’ll be a newly married couple and you’ll make your decisions together, so sit down together and pick through the negative reviews to find out how management responded to them. One red flag to watch for is management completely ignoring the negative reviews, another is a bad attitude if they did respond to the reviews. How management responds to negative reviews can be an indication of how you’ll be treated if you choose to honeymoon in that location. 

Take a Break

Take a Break

If you can’t decide together if the honeymoon location you were considering is worth the money and time you’ll spend there, take a break, do something together and come back to it later. The last thing you need is stress leading up to your big day.

These are just a few tips for looking at the reviews when choosing your honeymoon location. While you don’t want to let the negative reviews make your decision for you, it’s best to look deeper into them before making your final choice.