The Best 2 Week Honeymoon Ideas

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Your honeymoon is one of the few chances you’ll get to celebrate your marriage, and it is a memory that will be with you forever. Why not make it last as long as possible? After all, isn’t finding the love of your life something to be celebrated to the fullest? People are now extending their honeymoons, and these are the best 2-week honeymoon ideas out there. 

Is 2 Weeks Too Long for a Honeymoon?

No! I say the longer, the better, as long as you can afford it and have the opportunity to escape for a 2 week honeymoon. Your honeymoon will be an event in your life that you will look back on forever. The more memories made, the better. 

While the average honeymoon length is 1 week, a 2 week honeymoon will make for more memories and allows you to explore much more.

How to Choose a 2 Week Honeymoon Idea

2 weeks is a long time to be doing something consistently. You will want to make sure that you love your final decision. Whether you love relaxing on laidback islands, exploring new landscapes and cultures, or a mixture of a bit of everything. Below are a few things you will want to think about when choosing 2 week honeymoon ideas. 


2 weeks is a long time to be away from work, so the budget should be a very significant deciding factor. You can do a 2 week honeymoon for as little as $1,500 per person, and it will go up from there. It all depends on what time of year you go, the destination, your accommodations, and how you choose to travel. 

Choosing a Location

The location you choose can affect so many aspects of your honeymoon. Some places are cheaper to travel to, while others will be more costly. Each location will also have its one culture. Some will feel very similar to home, whereas others will feel like you went to an entirely different world. 

The Type of Adventures you Want to Go on

No 2 honeymoons are alike. Some people like to simply relax in a beautiful location. Others will want an action-packed adventure that lets you experience something you’ve never done or seen before. There are destinations full of history and culture, while others are focused on relaxation or exploration. There are also places for foodies, wildlife lovers, nightlifers, and more. 

How Much You Want to Explore

Typically when someone takes a 2 week honeymoon, it’s because they want to see more than one location. The more time you have, the easier it is to move around. You could simply hop to a couple of different cities within a few hours of each other. However, you could also go as far as hopping around to different countries in an area. 

The Best 2 Week Honeymoon Ideas

With these eight 2 week honeymoon ideas, you will have plenty of time to spend with your loved one without ever getting bored. 

Road Trip Through Australia

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Australia is made for those honeymooners that want to do a mixture of everything. You can snorkel in the largest reef in the world, relax on a pristine beach, visit koalas and kangaroos, sip wine at a vineyard, or hike through unique landscapes. The best areas to explore are on the East and South East coast of Australia.

Since you have 2 weeks for your honeymoon, the best way to see everything in Australia is to go by car. Start in Adelaide and end up in Sydney, stopping to visit Kangaroo Island, bar hop in Melbourne, and dining near the Sydney Opera House. For an ocean-inspired honeymoon, drive the Gold Coast out of Brisbane or the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne.

Country Hop in South America

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South America may seem gigantic, but it becomes a lot smaller when you realize how cheap and easy it is to fly between each country. You can experience the salt flats of Bolivia, party in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and jump into history at Machu Picchu in Peru within two weeks. There are many small airports near almost every city in South America where you can buy a ticket for less than $100.

You can even take a romantic cruise through the Amazon for just the two of you. Learn about local tribes, the pink river dolphins, and some of the Amazon’s wildest creatures. You can even hop over to the Galapagos Islands for a few days to see some of the world’s most unique wildlife, like underwater iguanas, giant tortoises, and blue-footed boobies.

Cruise Around the Hawaiian Islands

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Hawaii is one of the best honeymoon destinations located in the United States. It has beautiful beaches, unique volcanic landscapes, and its own culture. Lucky for you, you have 2 weeks to explore more than one of the Hawaiian islands. The best way to explore multiple islands is to take a Hawaiian cruise. 

Many cruise lines host cruises around the islands, and they can last 1 week to over 2 weeks. The two week cruises will take you to as many islands as you want to visit, whether that’s spending more time on two islands or visiting every major island in Hawaii. The best cruises to look into for your honeymoon are Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Princess Cruises

Visit All The Cities in Italy

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Italy is known for a little bit of everything, but its main draw is romance. In fact, Verona, Italy, is the home of Romeo and Juliet. Besides that, the country is full of many different romantic cities, from Venice to Rome to Florence. It is also one of the best places in the world to connect over magnificent food!

The best way to visit all of these romantic cities is to take the train. Fly into Rome and make a wish for your loved one at the Trevi Fountain. Travel to Florence from there and take a walk along the Arno River at sunset. Lastly, hit up Venice for a romantic gondola ride in the floating city. If this itinerary doesn’t make you feel the love, I don’t know what will. 

Island Hop in Greece

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Greece has over 200 inhabited islands, and this is the country’s main feature. The islands are full of historic villages, crazy coastal landscapes, and laid-back nightlife. Some of the most popular islands to visit are Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, Zante, Crete, and Ithaca. You can travel between each island easily using one of the many ferries that are at each.

You’ll most likely start at the largest island in Greece, Crete. You’ll find various landscapes on this island to hike and explore. Santorini is one of the top islands for honeymooners because of the blue-domed cities and the fantastic view of the volcanic crater that created the islands. Mykonos is another popular island for younger honeymooners because of its trendy nightlife. 

Backpack Through South East Asia

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South East Asia is a haven for backpackers who want to travel on a budget. This is because everywhere is easily accessible by plane, train, or bus, and it’s extremely budget-friendly. When I visited for two weeks, I spent a total of $1,800. That included airfare, multiple spa treatments, excellent meals, and many activities. 

The best South East Asian countries to backpack through are Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. You’ll find some of the craziest James Bond-like beaches, ancient temples that feel alien, and some of the best street food in the world. You’ll also have the chance to hang out with friendly elephants and monkeys. 

Travel Between Fire And Ice in Iceland

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Iceland is known for its active volcanoes and glacial landscapes that create a distinctive experience. You can go from crawling through ice caves to soaking in a geothermal hot spring in a single day. The country also has some pretty unique cultural aspects, like Viking-rooted festivals, its own musical genre, and strange foods. 

During the winter months, you can view the northern lights from Iceland, which is about as romantic as it gets. It is also ideal to share dishes in Iceland because they aren’t exactly for everyone, like fermented shark meat and liver pudding. Iceland even has a beach called Diamond Beach with glacial ice that sparkles nearly as bright as your new ring.

Safari Across Africa

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If wildlife makes you and your partner as excited as the thought of spending the rest of your life together, doing a safari in Africa is the perfect 2 week honeymoon idea. The most popular countries for a safari in Africa are Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, and Uganda. For those who have never experienced a Safari before, Kenya or South Africa are great starters. 

You can go budget-friendly or luxurious with your safari. Still, I recommend staying at a luxury camp for your honeymoon. These camps immerse you in the wildlife, with herds of elephants, chimpanzees, or zebra always nearby. The best safaris will take you to multiple parks and reserves, ensuring it’s worth every minute of your 2 weeks. 

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