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Internet user privacy is very important to, our dealers, distributors, and customers. We value the relationship we have with our clients and visitors to our website. Below is information reflecting our commitment to protecting the privacy and ensuring the integrity of the internet.

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Our postal address is:
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Greenwich, Ct 06836 provides all users with the option to contact us at [email protected] with any further questions or concerns. Or, you can reach us by telephone at: 203-210-7489

Agreement to Terms & Conditions
By using this website, you agree to all of the terms of the Privacy Policy and other terms set forth within this site. If you do not agree to these terms, you are not authorized to use this site. is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of websites to which or any other website may link or be linked via any other party’s website.

Visitors to the Web Site
When any visitor links or connects to the webpage, the web server automatically recognizes the visitor’s domain name and e-mail address (where possible). When you visit you can surf the site anonymously and access information about’s products without revealing your identity. At times, particularly when you order products or request information from the website, may ask you to provide certain information about yourself by filling out and submitting an online form. To complete your order, may require that you provide your contact information, which may include your name, mailing address, e-mail address or other personally identifying information.

When you submit any personal information, you understand and agree that and its affiliates may access, store, and use your customer profile in any of the countries in which and its affiliates maintain offices, including without limitation the United States. We collect this information for a variety of reasons, including’s effort to inform you of new products, special offers, and other products and services from recognizes and appreciates the importance of responsible use of the information you choose to provide. may selectively provide certain information to other companies or organizations whose products or services we think may interest you. If you do not want the information you provide to to be shared with other companies and you indicate this preference when you provide the information to, will honor your preference.

Use & Verification of Personal Information
We may collect the domain name and e-mail address (if possible) of visitors to our webpage, the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail, aggregate information on what pages consumers access or visit, user-specific information on what pages consumers access or visit and information volunteered by the consumer, such as survey information and/or site registrations.

Corrections of Any Incorrect Information
We want to provide you with the opportunity to update or correct your contact and billing information that we have on file. You can help to maintain the accuracy of the information you provide by notifying us of any change to your address, phone number, e-mail address or other information by writing to us at, Attn: Customer Service – Change of Address, P.O. BOX 599 Greenwich, Ct 06836. If you do not want to share your contact information with any third party you may submit this request to the same address. Please include your name, address, and/or e-mail address when you contact us. Although no specific form is required to notify of changes of your address or privacy preference, you may order a Change of Address form from the above address.

Use of Cookies
In order to improve our website, uses “cookies” to track your visit to the website.

Websites use cookies to simulate a continuous connection to that site. This makes it more convenient for users by allowing them to visit pages within a site without having to reintroduce themselves with each mouse click. Contrary to popular fears and misconceptions, cookies were not created to spy on or otherwise invade the privacy of Internet users. Cookies contain only information that users volunteer, and they do not have the capability of infiltrating a user’s hard drive and sneaking away with personal information. The simple function of cookies is to help the user navigate a website with as little obstruction as possible.

Cookies are small data structures used by a website (server) to deliver data to a website user; request that the client store the information; and in certain circumstances, return the information to the website. Websites can thus “remember” information about users to facilitate their preferences for a particular site and allow the use of user passwords. The website may deliver one or more cookies to the client. The client stores cookie data in one or more flat files on its local hard drive. Cookies are not programs that come onto a user’s system and damage files. may utilize cookies that contain no information about you – only a unique number that has no meaning whatsoever outside of the web server.

Cookies allow websites to maintain user information across HTTP connections. The current HTTP protocol is “stateless”, meaning that the server does not store any information about a particular HTTP transaction; each connection is “fresh” and has no knowledge of any other http transaction. “State” information is information about a communication between a user and a server, similar in many ways to frequent flyer profiles or option settings in desktop software. For example, a preference for red roses or lilacs is cookie-like information that a florist might store about its customers. In some cases it is useful to maintain state information about the user across HTTP transactions.

Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether or not to accept it. (For some web pages which require authorization, cookies are not optional. Users choosing not to accept cookies will likely not be able to access those pages.) While uses cookies to track your visit to and our web servers automatically log the IP/Internet address of your computer, this information does not identify you personally and you remain anonymous unless you have otherwise provided with personal information.

We hope you understand and appreciate our insistence on a strong Privacy Policy statement as a matter of standard corporate policy and procedure. is committed to honoring the privacy of its members and visitors.

This Privacy Policy covers exchanges of personally identifiable information within sites of Please be sure to check the privacy policies of each site you visit. If you have any questions or comments regarding your privacy at, please send an email to [email protected].