The Inside Scoop on Flying First Class for Your Honeymoon

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So many couples automatically choose to fly “first-class” on their honeymoon or for that special romantic occasion; no matter the destination or cost.

Why? Because going first-class seems like it is a natural “Newlywed” choice and that you would never dream of paying this much for an airline ticket, but hey it is your honeymoon, this is the time to splurge.

With the concept of first-class changing so drastically with domestic airlines, we want you to consider and check into before rushing to book first class. When you are flying internationally you need to know what airlines offer with each class ticket.

Flying first-class international can be astronomically expensive and in some cases with the great airlines, not necessary to receive great service.



Things you should consider before booking first class!

♥ How long is your flight? If your flight is only 2 hours, you may want to consider saving the cost of this first-class ticket and putting it into something on the trip that you will enjoy more. i.e an excursion or special day trip with a guide. Also on the shorter flights, you will notice on some airlines that they offer very little service in the First Class / Business Class area.

♥ What airline you are flying! This makes a huge difference. You need to do your homework here, check the airlines first-class reviews. Find out what kind of lounge the airline offers and be sure to make sure you are able to get into the lounge pre and post-flight. Does the lounge offer complimentary alcohol or food and what time does the club open.

♥ What kind of plane you are flying? This is so important! If you are flying an older plane, the first class “services” may be little, if not any different then regular seats! The older planes may have a bigger seat, but the first class “Experience” is not always equal on every airline and varies with every style plane! In some cases I’ve experienced, plastic glasses, no meal, or only a boxed cold lunch, very little bar service, no champagne, single row seating and you may end up not together!



International Flights

♥ Flying on most international carries first-class or Business Class to Europe, Asia, and many other exotic & far locations is sometimes a better experience then some of the hotels you will stay in.

♥ For example, some carriers offer Full reclining seats that turn into beds. A variety of movies and TV programs to view, amazing service, robes, 3-course WONDERFUL meals, top-notch champagne & beverages, Warm cookies & freshly baked bread and pastries, slippers & socks, personal toiletries and more!

♥ Do your homework BEFORE spending the extra money to fly first-class. What they offer in each class, sometimes you might not need to spurge to receive great service. Some international carriers include complimentary wine & beer to all travelers and most, if not all offer several in-flight meals