How to Budget for a Honeymoon

An average honeymoon is 7 days/6 nights, and the average price per couple is $5,000.  You might want your honeymoon to be more opulent or you may have to stick to a strict budget. Now is the time to set some guidelines. Setting a realistic budget will let you know how many of your honeymoon dreams can be made into reality.

HOT TIP: Remember that you can use a honeymoon registry so family and friends can GIFT you parts of your honeymoon as a wedding present.

Keep in mind that honeymoons that take place in peak seasons (Christmas, Easter, Washington’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc.) usually cost more than those that fall in less traveled months when hotel and airline rates are lower.

ADD IT UP: The Budgeter

We want to help make sure your honeymoon adventure is perfect and stress free. Start by paying attention to which experiences or details you would consider a “Must Have” and prioritize from there. Be romantic and fun, but also stay honest to your budget. Remember that no matter the budget, you can still have a great honeymoon filled with memories of a lifetime and most important of all, NOT GO BROKE.

Total Amount Already Set aside for honeymoon:




Hotel / Resort _______________

Airplane Tickets ______________

Car Rentals _______________

Gas / Tolls _______________

Taxis, Buses, Ect. _______________

Pampering Yourselves (Massages, Spa Treatments) ________________

Sports / Activity Lessons _______________

Excursions _______________

Sunset Cruises _______________

Upgrades _______________

Shows / Theater _______________

Special Honeymoon Clothing _______________

Souvenirs _______________

Sundries _______________

Maps, Guidebooks, magazines _______________

Foreign Language Translation Books _______________

Calculate you Total Cost: _______________


Calculate Your Meal Costs

Don’t pretend you will be able to skip a meal…because we all know you will need to eat to keep your energy up (and now is the time to satisfy those pre-wedding cravings you’ve been resisting!) Not to mention the wonderful and intoxicating smells of delicious foods as you walk through towns and little bistros. Plan for more then you think! Being over is always better then under and remember to keep in mind you need to add in the tip (although in most foreign countries, customary tipping is closer to 5%-10%).



$ _______ Per Meal x _______ # of days _______ = $ _______


$ _______ Per Meal x _______ # of days _______ = $ _______


$ _______ Per Meal x _______ # of days _______ = $ _______

Casual Dinner

$ _______ Per Meal x _______ # of days _______ = $ _______

Formal Dinners

$ _______ Per Meal x _______ # of days _______ = $ _______

Wine Cocktails & Champagne

$ _______ Per Meal x _______ # of days _______ = $ _______

Total Amount of Food Money: _______________

Total Amount of Misc. Money Needed:_________________

Total Amount Of Both: _______________

As a guideline, plan at least $700 per person for airline tickets; $150-$250/night for accommodations; $150-$400 per person per day at an all inclusive resort, $150 per day for meals, and $100 per day for expenses, sightseeing, and extras.  Also factor in an additional $200 for taxis, tips, departure taxes, airport transfers, and emergencies.

If you are on a strict budget, consider taking a mini-moon or road trip to a deluxe resort near you. It’s a great option to save money on transportation costs and travel time.