Fenwick Inn

Nestled in the heart of North Ocean City, the Fenwick Inn has undergone a breathtaking transformation, emerging as a coastal haven for honeymooners seeking a perfect blend of comfort and convenience. The entire hotel, from the lobby to the rooftop, has been thoughtfully renovated, creating an ambiance of renewed elegance that sets the stage for a memorable romantic getaway.

Proximity to Beach Bliss:

Just a block away from the sun-kissed shores, Fenwick Inn Maryland places honeymooners at the doorstep of the beach, offering easy access to the tranquil waves and sandy expanses. Whether strolling hand in hand at sunset or enjoying a leisurely day by the water, the proximity to the beach ensures that every moment is infused with the romance of coastal living.

Stylish Retreats for Romance:

Step into a world of modern sophistication within the brand-new rooms at Fenwick Inn. Impeccably designed and fully equipped, each room is a sanctuary of comfort and style. From minifridges to free Wi-Fi, every amenity is tailored to enhance the honeymoon experience. Suites, complete with kitchenettes and sitting areas, provide an extra layer of luxury, while upgraded suites with whirlpool tubs add a touch of indulgence.

Indoor Oasis of Relaxation:

Fenwick Inn Maryland invites honeymooners to immerse themselves in relaxation with its indoor haven. A heated pool, complete with a splash pad and hot tub, offers a tranquil retreat, ensuring that moments of unwinding are as memorable as those spent exploring the vibrant surroundings.

Elevated Dining with a View:

Ascend to the rooftop for a dining experience like no other. The new rooftop restaurant and bar provide a panoramic backdrop of the coastal landscape, creating an intimate setting for romantic meals. Whether savoring a delightful breakfast or toasting to love under the stars, the rooftop venue adds an element of enchantment to the culinary experience.

Playful Adventures and Entertainment:

Fenwick Inn Maryland is not just a place to stay; it’s a destination of delight. The exciting game room invites playful moments, adding a dash of amusement to the honeymoon. From friendly competition to shared laughter, the game room is a space for creating memories.

Pet-Friendly Paradise:

For those who want to share their honeymoon with a furry companion, Fenwick Inn extends a warm welcome to pets. Embrace the joy of exploring the beach and boardwalk with your four-legged friend by your side.

A Coastal Escape for Two:

Fenwick Inn Maryland presents a coastal escape designed for honeymooners seeking a perfect blend of relaxation, romance, and adventure. With its renewed elegance, proximity to the beach, stylish accommodations, and a range of amenities, Fenwick Inn invites couples to embark on a journey of love along the shores of North Ocean City.