Top Ten Travel Apps for your Honeymoon

Top 10 Lists | 7 minute read

You’ve carefully planned every detail of the perfect romantic getaway, booked your flight and packed your bags, but now it’s time to get your cell phone ready.  Smartphones are known to make daily life easier, but they are especially handy in the lives of travelers.  Use your phone to guide you on every step of your honeymoon, from planning the journey and converting your money to discovering local hotspots and sharing amazing photos of your dream destination. The two of you deserve to have your trip of a lifetime made seamless. Whether you travel to an exotic foreign city, a mountaintop escape, or a secluded beach, download these handy smartphone apps for an easy, breezy, stress-free honeymoon.


10. TripIt.

Start your new life together by eliminating the clutter of travel paperwork. Just forward any confirmation and booking emails to TripIt, and the app creates an itinerary for you. Access everything you need in one place: flight numbers, hotel check-in times, rental car confirmation numbers and even maps. Planning an dream vacation has never been easier!


9. Pinterest.

Packed with travel inspiration, Pinterest is an amazing tool for curating your honeymoon. Discover day trips, unique activities, and drool-worthy photos of any location. Gather helpful advice on packing, preparation, or saving money. Whether you’re just starting to plan or you’ve already found booked your dream destination, you’re sure to find great ideas to “pin” on your honeymoon board.


8. Duolingo.

When it comes to speaking the local tongue in a foreign country, a little effort can go a long way. Duolingo is a fun and easy way to practice a new language on your phone before traveling abroad. This app can quickly develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities in a foreign language. With its game-like format, learning Spanish, French, Italian, German, or even Portuguese is made simple. Improve your skills little by little and by the time you’re on honeymoon, you’ll be ready to impress the locals.


7. GoogleMaps.

If you find yourself lost in paradise, trust that GoogleMaps will show you the way. Since not all who wander are lost, this app can also be used to locate nearby shops and hotels, give GPS directions, or even display a zoomed in/out view of your honeymoon hotspot. It’s one of the most practical apps for all kinds of travel, wherever you wander.


6. Instagram.

Friends, family, and followers love to obsess over Instagram travel pics. This popular social media platform lets you humble brag  showcase your photography one picture at a time while you’re on-the-go.  Instagram’s easy filters will make your picture look incredible, whether it’s a romantic dinner, a stunning sunset or a cheeky selfie. Savvy photographers can also use the app’s tools to edit photos manually. Pick a filter, post a photo, then sit back and watch the “likes” roll in.


5. XE Currency Converter.

The XE app is a trustworthy authority on money exchange. This handy currency converter is a professional and up-to-date source of international exchange rates. Simply enter your dollar amount to view its value in a foreign tender. Select multiple currencies for a side-by-side comparison, updated by the second. Now you and your new spouse can finally take the mystery out of money exchange!


4. WhatsApp.

Roaming charges can quickly drain your honeymoon fund if you aren’t careful. Avoid these types of pitfalls with WhatsApp, a messaging platform that enables free texting while you’re away. This app uses the internet rather than data to send messages, so you can text and send photos to friends and family anywhere you get wifi, and it’s free of charge.


3. The Weather Channel.

If you prepare for the weather, your holiday will be a much smoother affair. The Weather Channel’s app provides detailed forecast information for almost anywhere in the world, providing hourly, 5-day and 10-day forecasts. This app includes a radar map, airport condition reports, videos, and a pollen index. Just be sure to pack for any type of weather before you go.


2. GoogleTranslate.

Travelers often need to decode something in a pinch, whether it’s food on an Italian menu or the cashier at a corner store in Puerto Rico. With the GoogleTranslate app, you can easily bridge the language barrier and get more of what you want. Have a romantic adventure in the country of your dreams, smoothing over any hiccups with this simple language translator app.


1. TripAdvisor.

To find activities, shopping, or restaurants in your destination, TripAdvisor’s app is an excellent resource. Filled with hundreds of reviews and recommendations written by other travelers, the app lets you browse “things to do” in a myriad of destinations around the globe. Traveling couples leave ratings as well as detailed comments and photographs, giving you and your honey the insider’s perspective.