Top Ten Small Towns for a Romantic LGBTQ Honeymoon

Top 10 Lists | 5 minute read

Small towns can provide the most romantic setting for any honeymoon.  Breathtaking scenery, a slow pace, and friendly people offer a backdrop for an intimate and relaxing experience. These American small towns mix local charms with an active LGBTQ culture that will add an extra touch of belonging and vibrancy to your honeymoon.



10. Provincetown, Massachusetts

Home to Memorial Day Weekend, one of America’s biggest and liveliest parties for queer women, P-Town provides an exciting and welcoming experience for LGBTQ couples year-round.  Throw in panoramic beaches and famous New England seafood, and Provincetown is perfect for a couple seeking beautiful days and wild nights.



9. Ithaca, New York

Stroll hand in hand along the most stunning natural gorges in the country with a bustling music scene as your background in this queer-friendly town.  A quirky nightlife and abundance of secluded natural spaces make Ithaca a romantic getaway that feels truly special.



8. Taos, New Mexico

Watch the sunset from a desert mountaintop, tour Native American pueblos, visit LGBTQ art galleries, and enjoy some of the best skiing in New Mexico in the tiny town of Taos.  And yes – the sunset is as enchanting as you’re hoping it is.



7. Asheville, North Carolina

Nestled in the folds of the Great Smoky Mountains, Asheville seamlessly blends counter-cultural chic with welcoming Southern charm.  Tour historic mansions, stroll down verdant forest paths, or ride horses on a country farm. While downtown, you can spend romantic nights dining at some of Asheville’s famously fine restaurants or sipping locally brewed beer in its waterfront arts district.



6. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

An LGBTQ-friendly oasis, Eureka Springs is the self-titled “Gay Capital of the Ozarks” and hosts four yearly festivals to celebrate LGBTQ culture.  Natural hot springs provide opportunities for bonding and relaxation, and the small population and surrounding mountain forests make this town a truly private getaway.



5. Ogunquit, Maine

This picturesque seaside town has become a popular LGBTQ destination, with queer-owned and operated hotels, restaurants, bars, and theaters.  Proximity to bustling Portland and rocky Maine coasts provide the makings of an unforgettable trip for two.



4. Burlington, Vermont

Famous for its ski slopes, Burlington’s summertime climate of emerald hills and rushing rivers keeps it delightful year-round.  Farm-to-table dining and a car-free downtown are only two of the unique features that lend this off-beat town its perfect blend of activity and leisure.



3. Northampton, Massachusetts

Set against the rolling farmland and forests of the Berkshire Mountains, Northampton’s historic architecture and colleges have long attracted a close-knit community of queer women.  Farmer’s markets and an extensive network of biking and hiking trails surround a charming town full of lesbian-owned businesses and organic restaurants.  A concert venue with surprisingly big-city musicians rounds out the town’s diverse offerings.



2. Asbury Park, New Jersey

Located along the famous New Jersey shore, Asbury Park’s highly-rated beach is ideal for romantic relaxation. Spend some time reconnecting with both of your inner children at Asbury Park’s action-packed boardwalk and vintage bowling alley. Night owls will enjoy painting the town red at the town’s wide variety of nightlife, including burlesque acts and a gay disco.



1. New Hope, Pennsylvania

Though quaint, this riverside town is anything but old-fashioned.  Home to an annual high heel drag race led by its prominent LGBTQ community, New Hope is bigger than its small population suggests.  Art galleries, local crafts, and antiques provide unique shopping, and a cornucopia of annual festivals means there’s always an interesting way to celebrate your partnership.