Romantic Getaway Toolbelt: The Top Honeymoon Gadgets

Romantic Getaway Toolbelt: The Top Honeymoon Gadgets

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No matter where we go, we’re tempted to bring our gadgets with us. If the idea of totally unplugging on your honeymoon seems quaint and slightly terrifying, we have the solution. Technology can take your romantic getaway to the next level if you pack the right devices, and use them without taking yourselves away from the most important things – your destination, and each other!



Since very few couples with smartphones would ever leave them at home to begin with, we thought we’d start out with a no-brainer. Besides all of the obvious reasons to bring this piece of now-ubiquitous tech with you on vacation (communication, safety, Google), smartphones can help to set the mood. Prior to heading on your romantic getaway, curate a sexy playlist for all those nights of alone time with your significant other, or use an app to find the best local restaurants and activities.

Just make sure you’re not so busy snapping photos and updating friends on social media that you forget to kick back and enjoy the scenery (and each other) without the constant notifications, blinking lights and status updates! It’s a fine line between bringing you together and building a wall between you, so use it, but use it wisely – you can’t truly unwind if you can’t unplug at least a little, so when you don’t need your phones to enhance the moment, put them away and enjoy each other!

Honeymooner Tip: Be sure to pack a portable charger or invest in a battery case, and power adapters if your honeymoon destination uses a different voltage.


Noise-Eliminating Headphones.

Ideal for extended plane rides, noise-eliminating headphones assure you arrive at your destination well rested, and can continue unwinding on the flight home instead of soaking up the usual travel stress. Earplugs work too, but with headphones you can play some soothing tunes or nature sounds to really help you rest (besides, they’re way cooler.)

Honeymooner Tip: Used or refurbished electronics, including headphones, are often available at a big discount without sacrificing durability, and in some cases, you even get the same warranty. Buy new if you want, but this is a near-effortless way to save big bucks on almost any gadget without a downside!


Universal Adapter Kit

Keep your love burning without burning out any fuses with a universal voltage adapter kit. If you plan on staying plugged in, you have to make sure you have a reliable power source. Voltage varies depending on the region of the world where you take your honeymoon, but a universal adapter kit is relatively cheap and ensures that all of your devices can be charged and ready when you need them.

Honeymooner Tip: Individual adapters can be purchased to work in certain countries, but a universal one gives you the option of running your devices in a variety of places across the world. Since they’re inexpensive and more compact than ever, even if you don’t travel much you might want to just invest in the whole kit.



A tablet is a must-have travel accessory for the modern couple. It can do just about everything your laptop can, without taking up as much space or weight in your carry-on. Whether you have a layover at the airport or are planning a picnic under the stars, a tablet can bring more useful apps, more entertainment and more ways to share the love on your special vacation together.

Honeymooner Tip: Bring a headphone splitter adapter and the two of you can watch a downloaded movie together, no matter where you are.


Toys (Yup, that kind!).

Chances are, at least some of your honeymoon will be spent in your hotel room with that “Do Not Disturb” sign hanging from the door. Of course you and your love can ignite the fire, but the right sex toy can turn up the flames big time! Make your private time as special as the rest of the trip with a couple of late-night gadgets to spice up your evenings. Massagers and vibrators are a few options with, of course, even wilder and more creative options for couples with a penchant for adventure in the bedroom. We’ll leave the rest up to your imagination!

Honeymooner Tip: Be sure to take batteries out to ensure discrepancy when going through airport security – you want your love life to be explosive, but you don’t want the TSA to think you’ve got another kind of explosion in mind (not to mention embarrassment in the security line)!


Digital Camera.

Once upon a time, you wouldn’t go on vacation without a camera but with the rise of smartphones, cameras have become an afterthought. But if you truly want to capture the beauty of your honeymoon destination, a quality compact camera is a must. This isn’t a trip to the local beach, this is your honeymoon!

An iPhone lens can’t capture the vibrancy of a city nightscape or the beauty of the Aurora Borealis, and all of the Instagram filters in the world can’t compete with a quality shot from a real camera used properly. Nowadays even amateur hobbyists have access to easy-to-use settings once only available to conoisseurs who knew the ins and outs of manually setting things like the shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Sure, your smartphone might be good enough, but on a trip that only happens once, you want to be sure you can capture it in a way that does it justice.

Honeymooner Tip: Bring a portable tripod for wide shots and steady video footage, or an extension rod for taking selfies together without half the frame being filled by someone’s forearm. Also consider a waterproof camera for stunning underwater photos.


Water Filters.

If your honeymoon plans include outdoor adventures in foreign (or even local) places, you’ll be happy you bought a portable water filter to take all the hassle out of staying hydrated. You can buy a filter or to save space, buy reusable bottles with built in filters. Whether you’re climbing mountains or hiking a wooded trail, it’s important to drink plenty of water to stay on your game, energetic for each other, and ready for anything! It’s an adventure honeymoon must-have.


Portable Speakers.

Bring the party with you with a pair of compact portable speakers. AV technology has improved drastically in the past 5-10 years, so even ultra-compact speakers can bring full, rich sound from your iPod, MP3 player, tablet or other music-playing gadget. Some couples prefer to use the sounds of the destination as their soundtrack, but those who prefer their own music to the chirping birds and crashing waves, go ahead and pack some speakers to bring your favorite artists with you. Whether you’re sipping Pina Coladas on the beach, romancing in a big city or sunbathing poolside, put on some of your favorite songs and let the good times roll.