The Six Best Ways to See Fiji

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The beauty of Fiji has captivated millions of couples from across the world, but to get the most from this island paradise, you’ve got to see if from every angle. THE BLUE LAGOON region of Fiji is one of the best places to do just that – it’s a pristine region where tropical bliss meets unparalleled private island luxury, with trips and activities that introduces couples to every breathtaking aspect of the area’s unbridled beauty.

The Blue Lagoon region encompasses everything that makes Fiji a perfect place for a romantic getaway, allowing couples to see Fiji from every of its lovely angles. Read on to find out our picks for the six best!


6. From the Jungle.

When the Blue Lagoon region’s Turtle Island was first inhabited, wild goats had eaten up the plants and trees until hardly any were left. With hundreds of thousands of trees planted since Turtle Island’s founder arrived, the rainforest has returned! It’s as virgin and vibrant as ever, with 500 acres of island landscape just beggging to be explored.

Brightly-colored birds chirp a greeting from the trees as the sea breeze follows you with cool kisses beneath the palms and mangroves. Medicinal plants grow all around you, with splashes of sun sneaking through the towering ferns and verdant canopies. Turtle Island is our favorite, but a day trip to any of the Blue Lagoon islands can take you into the jungle for a once in a lifetime experience of the sun-soaked Fijian wilds.


5. From Underwater.

Known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World,” snorkeling and Scuba diving in Fiji are second to none. There’s a whole breathtaking world that awaits beneath the sea, where schools of fish wiggle through colorful reefs and an endless array of magnificent beings reveal themselves to couples adventurous enough to take the plunge.

If you haven’t seen the sparkling underwater world of Fiji, you’re missing one of the biggest draws of a honeymoon in the South Pacific! With Turtle Airways you can fly to your own private beach in the Yasawa Islands – the same location actually used in the 1980 Brooke Shields film, Blue Lagoon – and SNORKEL YOUR HEARTS OUT without another person in sight. Or, to dive deeper, their Scuba diving day trip takes couples on an undersea expedition that brings the radiant underwater world to life.


4. On Horseback.

From the lush island interior to the tranquil coastline, traveling together on horseback on a deserted paradise is about as romantic as it gets!


3. From the Beach.

Fiji’s beaches are known as some of the most secluded and beautiful stretches of sand in the world. Fiji is a beach destination, to be sure, so you’ll be spending plenty of time relaxing on the golden sand with your new bride or groom in hand. Take the “BEACH DAY” trip with Turtle Airways, and you can have one of these tranquil pieces of paradise literally all to yourselves.


2. From the Sea.

Whether by kayak, sailboat, jetski, paddle board, or any other craft you can imagine, a float on the calm blue South Pacific is as idyllic as it gets. It also gives you a romantic vantage point of Fiji literally anywhere your ship, boat, or board comes to rest.

You’ll see the vast ocean with its colorful lagoons, the green hillsides rising in the background, and jungle-lined beaches beckoning with their unspoiled beauty. Look down and watch groups of fish dip through wide swaths of coral in the turquoise shallows. Better yet, wait until late in the day to watch the sunset on a private yacht, then snuggle up as the sparkling stars reveal themselves in the endless, crystal-clear evening skyWhich, coincidentally, leads us to our number one way to see Fiji:


1. From the Sky.

Breathtaking seascapes are fully appreciated when soaring up above, showing you the full picture of Fiji’s beauty. Spectacular details blend into bright greens, long, golden strips of sand, and vibrant hues of blue as you gain altitude and zoom overhead.

A small plane gives you a completely different experience than a commercial jetliner, with unobstructed views of the incredible scenery passing by slowly on all sides. With more experience than any other operator in Fiji, Turtle Airways is the best way to GO AIRBORNE, and take your love to heights you never even knew were possible.

This post was written in collaboration with TURTLE AIRWAYS, Fiji’s longest-running seaplane operator for island transfers, scenic flights, and unforgettably romantic day trips around the Yasawa islands.