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This photo of Luna Bar and Grill is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Let the soul of Louisiana reveal itself to you as you dine. Trying Louisiana’s fabulous cuisine is one of the greatest pleasures that the state offers. Each meal, including breakfasts that often include ice cream for dessert, is meant to be savored. Exotic Cajun and Creole flavors  prevail. Po Boy sandwiches, tasty crawfish, jambalayas (spicy rice with chicken or meat) and hearty gumbos are just a few of the treats that await. Of course, you can begin the meal with a special Louisiana cocktail. Ramos Gin Fizz, a Sazerac or a Hurricane  are the way the locals go.

If you have a sweet tooth, beignets (Louisiana’s version of doughnuts), pralines and bread pudding only touch the surface of the decadent sweets you can enjoy. Sign up for a one day cooking class to learn how to bring Louisiana flavors back home. Excess and indulgence never felt this good!

  • JUBAN’S RESTAURANT,  Baton Rouge.
    Linger over an intimate dinner for two at this upscale restaurant that specializes in Cajun and Creole cuisine.  Begin with a drink in the atrium courtyard that will surround you with sunset and moonlight. Then, enjoy a special dish like “Hallelujah Crab” and your dining experience will be divine.
    Address: 3739 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge
    Website: www.jubans.com
    Phone: (225) 346-8422
    This restaurant gem definitely offers the “something extra” that its name promises. Their Creole seafood dishes are pure pleasure on a plate.  Locals as well as visitors enjoy the fresh fish delights  in this cozy setting.  This is the kind of restaurant that turns an ordinary date night into an extraordinary evening.
    Address: 9990 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge
    Website: www.louisianalagniapperestaurant.com
    Phone: (225) 767-9991
  • OYSTER BAR, Shreveport. You can test the theory that oysters are an aphrodisiac here. The fresh oysters can be eaten raw, grilled, fried or marinated but this no frills place also offers an eclectic fusion of seafood and Mexican cuisine.  You can enjoy it all and have a unique dining experience outside on a temperature controlled patio or inside where you will be surrounded by a 6 ft. long aquarium.
    Address: 855 Pierremont Rd. Ste. 157
    Phone: (318) 213-6978
    Romantic, candlelit dinners in a sophisticated setting are the specialties here.    Aged beef, fresh seafood, and crispy duck star on the menu. Service is superb and friendly waiters are ready to suggest wines that complement every dish. Soft  jazz will accompany your meal Thursday-Saturday.
    Address: 3809 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Lafayette
    Website: www.charleygs.com
    Phone: (337) 981-0108
  • 121 ARTISAN BISTRO, Lake Charles.
    Have quality time together while satisfying your cravings here. The ambience is just as important as the dining experience. Smooth jazz and blues play in the background as you enjoy a succulent steak cooked to your preference. Italian dishes are also on the menu, and you can watch them being prepared if you wish. Romance reigns supreme on an evening here.
    Address: 121 Dr. Michael DeBakey Dr.
    Phone: (337) 310-7499
    Go back in time as you dine in this antebellum style restaurant on the grounds of Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, just about an hour outside of New Orleans. The stunning mansion, built in 1770, radiates Southern charm and provides a romantic retreat for couples seeking a cozy, intimate evening surrounded by authentic antiques and warm fireplaces. Chef Jeremy Langlois puts a modern spin on Creole cuisine that has earned the restaurant a nigh rank in Esquire Magazine’s “Top 100 Restaurants of the World.”  Don’t let the evening end at dessert.  Finish it off with even more romance when you take a moonlit stroll through the lush gardens.
    Address: 40146 Hwy. 942
    Website: www.houmashouse.com
    Phone: (225) 473-9380

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