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Hat and bag for travel

Here are our picks for the top 10 must-have travel products. Every item on here is worth packing for that special trip, whether it is a small $2.00 product or $100.00 product. If it has made this list, you want to see it, pack it or experience it on the greatest trip of your life. We had hundreds of products to choose from and could only pick ten, but I wanted to include some of our favorite runners-up too!

  • “Must Pack” Runners-Up

The re-invention of the ziplock is so ideal for Travel and this new Ecozip baggie, allows you to separate and organize multiple items with this new 2 in one technology. We know that this product will really help travelers who want to be organized and stay green! We also love the Yoga Paws, which keep those who want to do Yoga anywhere, especially o n their honeymoon, able to do so without lugging around a yoga mat! This concept is amazing and knowing how important Yoga is for your mental health we think that this is an item you will sure want to pack for you adventure. For the traveler who can’t seem to find the ability to sleep we found Nightwave, the sleep assistant, “Travel Version” is a fabulous gift for people on the go who can’t sleep. It’s a proven, lightweight, compact gadget that harnesses the power of yogic deep breathing to help you overcome jet lag, difficulty sleeping in unfamiliar environments, and insomnia.

The Rojeti Hanging Laundry Bags are a perfect way to discreetly store and transport clothing waiting to be laundered and is a great way to keep your delicates, hand washables, dry cleanables separate from your other clothing! Downy Wrinkle Releaser is a must pack travel version of this great and needed product! We know that when you are carefully folding clothes to ensure they are wrinkle-free upon arrival, but find out that something shifted during transit! It is the on-the-go answer to keep your clothes wrinkle free. Too bad the baggage handlers don’t take the same care! Bandals Classic Casuals and Fashion Flip sandals are great for women, particularly for travel, so you can bring one base and multiple bands to choose a great and fun sense of style and variety!

  • 10. GO CADDY™

Don’t go without your Go Caddy™, a compact travel tote and water bottle carrier that’s just the right size to hold all your items by your side leaving your hands free for Cruising Caddyshopping, picture taking or hand holding while you’re on your honeymoon. We know that when sightseeing you should always carry your own water to stay hydrated and you should always carry copies of your personal information and this pleated deep pocket pouch not only keeps your water cool, it also holds your cell phone, camera, map and the pleated deep front pocket with flapped closure fits a sail and sign card, charge card, license/identification & money! Everything you need to have close but not in your way and safe! This versatile product is great for your honeymoon travel and not just for the sightseeing and shopping part of your trip, be sure to pack it with you when you and your loved one go fitness walking, hiking, golf, sporting events, and to the beach and the pool.


A must-pack for the beachgoers! This ZIP-ZAC® Towel is just what honeymooners who take a dip together in the ocean and want to leave their personal belongings safe and hidden up on the beach! This new patented, water-resistant lined, zipper pocket, the ZIP-ZAC® Towel is the ideal place to stash keys, cell, cash or anything else while lounging on the beach. Made from 100% cotton terry/velour, these functional towels also include a handy loop for hanging so you can air it out or dry it in your room. Easy to pack and a must have!


A must-have product for both men and women that is both sexy and trendy is a hat by the San DSan Diego Hat Companyiego Hat Company. They have created a fantastic line of pack-able hats for women men. For women who love the sun, these hats provide the protection you need with a UPF 50+ rating, which blocks out 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, and provides a style any newlywed should be sure to have on their trip! Since you can roll them up and when you’re ready to wear, just unroll, shake it out, and simply put on, it is not only easy to pack but also mysterious and sexy!


Not that we want any newlywed packing a lap top on their honeymoon, we figure some might have to pack it to keep connected to the world while on the road and if you do, you will want to pack the stylish, checkpoint friendly BoBarra TSA-approved laptop Bobarrabags! Once you have used these bags, you will understand why they are truly a travel must-have. The design was approved by the TSA so that you don’t have to take your laptop or your liquids out when you go through airport security and that to me is worth the purchase in it’s self.



So far we have a towel to hide your personal belongings and even a cruising caddy to avoid a bulky purse or having to lug around a bottle of water, here we have the item you need when you and new husband hit the nightclub! For anyone who has had to stick a lipstick or something small you needed in your sock or shoe or up even up your sleeve or in your bra, because thPorta Pocketere was nowhere to put it? If so, then pack this! The PortaPocket® carrying cases are designed for your active lifestyle — they’re simple, lightweight, comfortable and convenient. Perfect for all those times when you just want to carry a little something — without requiring the use of a larger purse or bag.You’ll find they’re great for carrying everything from keys, gym passes and credit cards, to IDs and business cards, medication, contact lens cases, jewelry, makeup, hygiene items and just about anything else you can think of that’s small and important. PortaPocket® carrying case Accessories allow you to carry slightly larger items, also. PortaPocket® carrying cases are designed to fit your calf, thigh, ankle, arm, or waist, and are optionally discreet as they can be worn over or under your clothing. Since you won’t need a hand to carry your PortaPocket® case, you’ll have freedom of movement going about your day.

  • 5. GO GIRL

If you are planning a trip to Europe and anywhere you might experience a Turkeish toilet, simply put, GoGirl is the one item every women going on her honeymoon needs to pack! This device offers a way for women to stand up to crowded, disgusting, distant or non-existent location and use the bathroom. It’s a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) that allows you to urinate while standing up. It’s neat. It’s discreet. It’s hygienic. AND when you are on a honeymoon and don’t want to risk touching dirty toilet seats, GoGirl is easy to use and the way to go! GoGirl fits easily in your purse or pocket and while this concept may be new to American’s, European women have used female urination devices for years. You can dispose of it after use, or clean and reuse as many times as you like. Worried about feeling silly, avoiding a dirty toilet seat is an effective way to avoid colds, flu and or disease! The Go Girl team clains that you won’t be like new husband, you’ll just pee like him.

  • 4. SOAK

After the pool or ocean or even that rare case when you run out of panties or stain your favorite shirt, Soak is the no-rinse hand-wash solution that is great for everything from lingerie, hosiery and swim to cashmere, silk and knits and more! Soak’s fabric-friendly, gentle formulation revitalizes your fine fibers, keeping them in good condition, looking new, and smelling fresh with an array of scents to choose from. Soak’s travel-sized Mini’s are perfect to bring to the Honeymoon! Don’t foot the expensive dry-cleaning bill! Just Soak and squeeze – and your swim, lingerie and other Honeymoon must-haves will come out fresh, clean, and looking new.


We have covered the carry bag for shopping and sightseeing, the little secret bag for clubbing or those purse free times, now we are going to cover you for the moment when you find yourself packing to much and not able to fit everything back into your suitcase! The reisenthel travel e1 bag is a perfect item to pack, it is small when you need it to be, and expands out to a larger bag if you find yourself out of room in your bag! It can also work as a carry on when you need it to be or simply an additional bag to hit the beach! This versatile new product is a must have in travel!


One of our favorites is the Livespeakr! Whether it’s listening to music, watching a video or conducting a conference call, the Livespeakr™ is the most portable speaker system iPhone/iPod products have ever hooked up to! This device, is compatable with so many products, including the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2G and iPod Classic offering you music in your hotel room any time you want! The device is small and even comes with a carrying pouch to store for safe travel. Committed to the environment and user convenience, Livespeakr has a rechargeable Lithium battery that plays up to 16 hours of non-stop listening. On your honeymoon, it is always nice to up the romance by playing your favorite background music in your hotel room. The music is both loud and clear and offers sound quality that is really amazing and compact!

  • 1. XSHOT

So many photo albums of honeymooners are missing one thing: Pictures of the couple throughout the trip! So many albums are full of photos either one spouse or the other or a few self taken shots using the arm extended “squeeze” your face together photo! So many couples have to stop someone and ask to take a photo of them both feeling silly bothering a stranger and also risking having your camera stolen! This new and amazing product we want to introduce to you is the easy to transport, photo album changing XShot! This compact, lightweight camera accessory was designed to help you capture every priceless moment of your romantic honeymoon and vacation and ensures no one is left out of the photo taking the picture! The telescopic camera extender attaches to any compact digital camera or hand-held video camera so that the person behind the lens can be part of the special memories they capture by simply extending the camera far enough away from you and your new husband to take a picture of each other without having to ask anyone! So when you are in the woods hiking all alone or find yourself in a romantic moment all alone, no need to worry about missing a photo opportunity! The affordable XShot is available online at for hassle free shopping.

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