Top Ten Must-Pack Beach Items

beach chairs and umbrella

Don’t get stuck at the sundries shop buying the following top ten items that so many people forget to pack! Save your self time and money by thinking ahead about packing these wonderful and easy “must have” beach products:

  • 10. The Sun Tan Lotion or Tinted Face Suntan lotion!

suntan lotion kitLet’s face it, so many people forget to pack this and then get hammered in the sundries shop paying double or even triple for this MUST PACK item! Ladies who prefer to wear a bit of make up to the beach with protection will want to check out the become tinted moisturizer, a favorite of women everywhere!

Find the lotion that is right for your skin here!

  • 9. Your Book, Kindle or Favorite Magazines

Kindle and books

Do you have a bunch of old magazines you hate to part with because you have not read them….toss them into your luggage! Good think is, you wont have to take them back and you will have extra room in your suitcase for souvenirs!
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  • 8. Chap Stick with SUN BLOCK!

Chapstick with sunblockCover those kissers! Burned lips leads you down a lonely road. A decent moisturizer keeps you looking sexy too.


  •  7. Large Beach Towels

Bride and groom towelsSure, your resort may have plenty of beach towels, but what if you plan on leaving your resort to head to a separate beach! Don’t risk not being able to have a towel and this is especially important if you are not sure that your resort provides them, if not pack it!

AND let’s face it, you are on your honeymoon…splurge for the BRIDE and GROOM Monogrammed Beach Towels! Not only will you feel extra special, it is the one time in your life that monogramming anything and wearing it out in public is acceptable.
Order your own personalized Bride & Groom beach towels!

  • 6. Evian Mineral Water Spray

Chapstick with sunblockThe cleansing mist of Evian Mineral Water Spray removes perspiration, harmful salt or chlorine, and instantly soothes and rehydrates sunburned or wind-chapped skin. It is also great for anyone who does not want to jump in the water to feel refreshed!
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  • 5. Antioxidant Cleansing Pads

Antioxidant cleansing padsImagine you sitting on a hot a dusty beach and you want to run to lunch. You touch your hand to your forehead and notice a layer of oily & gritty mess. This is when you need a refresh, and if so, we found that you will want to carry these amazing Vitamin C Antioxidant cleansing pads in your beach bag, you will feel 100% in not time and remove excess grease from lotions! What is great, is that there is no worry about drying out my skin and no water or towels needed.

  • 4. Beach Bag & Small wallet or coin purse

Red beach bagA Beach LIFE SAVER is the collapsable beach or tote bag, especially when you find yourself heading to the beach with a ton of items! The best part is they make large bags that fold down to 2×2 convenient and easy to pack size that open to a decent tote bag! If your tote bag does not have an area to store a few bucks and some lose change, be sure to pack a little coin purse. Remember, if you’re going to the beach leave your wallet and valuables in your room safe, but bring some bucks for snacks or lunch.
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  • 3. Beach Hat and/or Sunglasses

Sun hatDon’t want to lug an umbrella to cover the sun from you? A second option is a large brimmed hat! A great way to avoid sun overexposure. The San Diego Hat Company makes hundreds of his and hers amazing all season style hats.
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  • 2. Miscellaneous Beach Items

Blue bagThere is always a short list of little forgotten items that you think of once you are in your beach chair about to relax in the sun. I call it the: “Oh I should have brought the…” moment. You will want to think ahead of time about this list so you are prepared. Items such as snorkeling gear, cooler bags for waters, beach toys, a simple hair tie and even little items like a pack of tissues will make a huge difference once you get to the beach!

  •  1. Underwater or waterproof Camera

Disposable underwater cameraStop packing and listen to me. Don’t miss a great scene or that scenic view or a greatunderwater shot! Some of the beaches in the world have pristine and clear water that make for great shots!
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