Top Ten Worst Honeymoon Disasters

Worried about hiccups during your honeymoon? Read our top ten worst honeymoon disasters that we've compiled from our readers. From embarrassing security checks to hurricane conditions requiring evacuation - these are some major bumps in the road when it comes to these honeymoons. All we can hope is that you have the ability to laugh like these couples have and still keep the love alive! But lets not forget to learn from these courageous couples and these funny adventures of what NOT to do for honeymoon planning and try to make the best of any situation during your trip. Thank you to all of the couples who were willing to share their honeymoon woes.

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Top Ten Worst Honeymoon Disasters


A little rain didn't hurt anyone...

Top Ten Worst Honeymoon Disasters | A little rain didn't hurt anyone...

As our guests strolled through the receiving line they asked us where our honeymoon would be and we told them we were heading to the Riviera Maya. However, the guests asked, “Isn’t hurricane Ivan headed there?” That night we received a voice mail that our flight was canceled because of Hurricane Ivan. The options were to delay our trip by a few days and cross our fingers that our resort would still be there, or delay our trip a few days and change locations — to the Dominican Republic.

The next morning we boarded the plane and headed to the DR. A short bus ride through third world conditions and we arrived at our resort, which was quite beautiful. Guests received little tropical drinks and we had a short briefing about how a “storm might be blowing through” that night. It sounded like no big deal, and we again threw caution to the wind. We woke a few hours later, and I said to my new groom, “Honey, I think I heard a coconut fall.” And he said, “CLAIRE! IT WAS THE WHOLE DAMN TREE!” Panic had set in. This was no Dorothy-in-Kansas — this was a full-blown hurricane. Lights flickering, rain seeping under the door into our room, intermittent TV (which conveniently blacked out during weather reports), and the scariest views out the window as trees, chairs, and other large objects blew past.

The next morning, things were semi-calm so we went outside to survey the damage. You know you’re not from a hurricane region when you don’t realize it’s just the eye of the storm. As the second half of the storm kicked up we were walking the beach and I now have a scar on my thigh from being pierced by a flying palm branch. We made a mad-dash back to our room where the long games of Crazy-8s occupied our time for hours on end. The beach was destroyed.

Our evacuation included a safari bus ride then a coach bus to the airport. It was Hurricane Jeanne. Jeanne ruined our honeymoon! To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we recently spent two full weeks on the islands of Oahu and Kauai. It was absolute bliss. It was the honeymoon do-over that was the perfect ending to our dashed dreams from five years earlier. To this day we still joke that our marriage was “hurricane tested."
-Claire, Married 5 years

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