Top Honeymoons for the 50+ Honeymooners

Tying the knot in your 50s may sound like an unusual idea, but my aunt chose to do it and spend the rest of her golden age with the man she’s loved. Regardless of her age, auntie decided to have a white wedding, invited the entire family and numerous friends, and had a proper honeymoon. We were all thrilled to hear the happy news, and I was the one who had the opportunity to plan the entire wedding, as well as the honeymoon! Check out the list of fabulous destinations I put together - where 50+ newlyweds can start enjoying happily ever after.

Lake Cathie

Lake Cathie was the first destination my aunt and uncle chose for their honeymoon. With an ideal climate and gorgeous beachside atmosphere, relaxation on the beach was just what they ordered. In the sea of different hotels and spas, the luxury retirement communities and specifically Ocean Club Resort caught their attention as one of the most suitable for their vacation. Plus, they have been looking to move to an over 50’s senior’s community. This made Ocean Club Resort the perfect start for their vacation. On top of everything, they could also visit a friend who’s been living at the resort for years, so it was a win-win situation. They had a lot of fun there and enjoyed various outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, swimming and so much more. Every day was planned out for them, so they could spend quality time at the resort bowling, enjoying ballroom dancing, creative coloring, knitting or watching movies. It was the perfect start to a fabulous honeymoon.

The Caribbean

People of all ages love the Caribbean, which makes it one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. After relaxing in Lake Cathie, my aunt and uncle chose to have some fun in the sun in the gorgeous turquoise-blue waters and white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Considering their honeymoon was in September, they were very pleased to avoid the crowd and were able to unwind completely.


After visiting the breathtaking Caribbean, the newlyweds couldn’t pass the opportunity to stay a few days in beautiful Hawaii. Since they never waste any time, the happy couple took their time to kick back and relax, as well as visit some of the sights. They had the opportunity to listen to the story of the attack on Pearl Harbor, as well as to see the outdoor exhibit and have a boat ride to the memorial. Hawaii embraces both relaxation and quality activities so it was the perfect choice for them.


One of the most exotic and exciting destinations is Thailand. It’s one of the well-established tourist destinations and is incredibly welcoming. My aunt and uncle enjoyed the delicious fresh food, learning about the culture, exploring ancient temple cities, and relaxing by the stunning hot spring spas. A trip to Thailand was a true delight for both of them since they even dared to go snorkeling and scuba diving.

Great Britain

My aunt and uncle have always wanted to visit Great Britain, and this was their opportunity to make the dream come true. They visited all the beauties of Dartmoor and Cairngorms as well as the charming medieval cities of Chester and York. The country has a little bit of everything for everyone, and the retirees can definitely say it is their cup of tea. Getting to know the Britain’s cathedrals, heritage sites, and enchanting castles made the honeymoon a memorable experience.


You could simply not imagine a more romantic honeymoon than one in Italy. Well, neither could my aunt and uncle, and they were thrilled when I suggested visiting this amazing country. Venice, Florence, Verona and Pompeii are just some of the fascinating cities they could enjoy on their trip through Italy. A ride in a gondola in Venice, a visit to the home in Verona, and walking down the beautiful streets of Florence sounded like the best way to spend your first days as a married couple. Moreover, with my aunt being a hopeless romantic, I knew Italy had to be on the honeymoon list.


While not many people would think of Alaska as a honeymoon destination, it is in fact just the right place to unwind and spend some time together with your new spouse. Alaska is a spectacular vacation destination for couples in their 50s and beyond. An Alaskan cruise provides couples the opportunity to watch cascading waterfalls, enjoy the view of the massive glaciers, and witness whales gliding through the water while eagles soar above them. Worth every penny, an Alaskan cruise is a great suggestion you should consider.


My aunt’s wedding day and their honeymoon was epic – a celebration to remember. Every one of the destinations she and her new husband visited left a great impression on them. If you’re in your golden age, and planning a honeymoon, don’t miss a chance to visit these destinations or add more to your list!

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Gabriella Diesendorf is a freelance writer from Australia and a devoted mother of two kids, two cats, and one large dog. She loves badgering about pets, green lifestyle choices, parenting techniques, and if you mention attachment parenting she will bore you to death. You can catch up with her on High Style Life.

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