Top 4 Reasons to Go Cycling on Your Honeymoon

When it comes to honeymoon planning, no couple wants to just repeat what all the other couples have done. You want something new, fun, fresh and unique. A new story for friends, co-workers and relatives, not to mention to blow up your Instagram feed with likes and jealous comments. You want an unforgettable romantic adventure.

Well, if you consider yourselves an active, outdoorsy, or nature-loving couple, consider comfortable a bike riding experience as part of your honeymoon. Here are four huge reasons why!


bicycling-honeymoonRemember all the stress and hustle of planning, and saving every penny to make sure you could afford the wedding? Well, cycling on your honeymoon is a perfect way to de-stress. You can cycle through a bustling city or a secluded countryside. Zip along at top speed or just pedal at a relaxed pace. Enjoy nature or explore an urban playground. Whatever your style, honeymoon cycling will help you forget all your worries—which is exactly what should happen on your first romantic getaway together!

Deepen Your Connection

cycling-honeymoonAlthough you’re still quite literally in the “honeymoon phase” of the marriage, there’s no time like the present to deepen your connection with one another and grow your relationship even stronger. Your honeymoon is one of the best chances you’ll have to talk, explore, observe and connect.

Cycling on your honeymoon gets your heart rates up, which releases all kinds of pleasure chemicals that will make you feel closer to each other. Just like the butterflies you felt when you first started dating, cycling will literally alter parts of your brain that have to do with deepening feelings of warmth, safety, deep love, and tingly romance. 

See Honeymoon Destinations in a Whole New Way

biking-honeymoonWhether you honeymoon on a tropical island, bustling metropolis, or sleepy mountain town, exploring them on two wheels will allow you to see them in a whole new way. Cycling gets you up-close with everything during a city tour, but allows you to move about so much faster than on foot. In a tropical or otherwise scenic destination, cycling lets you see details you’d never catch on a driving tour: an exotic bird gulping down a fish, the intricate details on a magnificent 17th-century frieze, or that colorful lizard darting into the ferns. Unlike in a car or van, you also get the opportunity to move at your own pace. It’s your honeymoon, so you should be the ones to set the tempo!

Health & Fitness

biking-honeymoonCycling burns a lot of calories and exercises a wide range of body muscles. This could help you lose a few of those post-wedding alcohol pounds, and you won’t even realize it because of all the fun you’ll be having.

Climbing hills, and cycling across cobblestoned streets, and keeping your legs moving burns fat, speeds metabolism, gives you fresh air, and improves your stamina. Combine that with all the romantic sights and adventures you’ll be experiencing, and a honeymoon cycling trip is a win-win. You just won’t get that same feeling of excitement lounging around in your hotel. A little cycling will make you both feel good because of the chemicals released during exercise. So with a unique cycling trip, you won’t just have healthier bodies—you’ll have a healthier relationship as well!

This is a guest post from Sophie Elise. She is a passionate cyclist, author and blogger and regularly writes on

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