11 Breathtaking Places to Visit on Your Honeymoon

There is an old saying, “Weddings are for the guests, and the honeymoon is for the couple”. To start your life as newlyweds with a bang a honeymoons is a must. It sets the tone for your new life and provides those first memorable days - a blissful path for those coming times. If stressful months of wedding planning, preparation and that endless search for wedding reception venues aren’t enough reason for a honeymoon, we aren’t sure what is. A honeymoon paves the way for the couple to celebrate their nuptials and spend some time together in a relaxed environment away from the hastles of life.

If you are just getting out of your wedding planning hangover, it is high time you start researching breathtaking locations for your honeymoon destination. Here are some of our guest blogger’s favorite honeymoon destinations:

Maui, Hawaii

Commonly referred to as “Valley Isle”, Maui is one of the most breathtaking places Hawaii has to offer. Home to quaint towns, artistic communities, and amazing local beaches, Maui’s landscape offers some great spots such as the Haleakala National Park, the Coast of Lahaina, and the waterfalls along Hana Highway. From thrilling fertile upcountry to exhilarating beaches, Maui justifies being one of the most romantic destinations for couples across the world.

Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

A blissfully romantic island of Tahiti in French Polynesia, Bora-Bora is a haven for love birds. With its scenic and unwavering beauty, Bora-Bora can simply be termed as the jewel of the South Pacific. Just an hour flight from Tahiti, Bora-Bora closely resembles an artist’s palette. Its famous transparent blue lagoons are apparent from touch down at the airport, where your love affair with the island will start. The allure of nature isn’t the only attraction, Bora-Bora is also known for its splendid accommodation of bungalows and lavish floating villas. Don’t miss scuba diving, snorkeling, Leopard Rays Trench, and Mount Otemanu.


For decades Switzerland has been topping the charts as a favorite among honeymoon destinations. Situated amidst the picturesque mountains of Alps, the country boasts a wide diversity of various landscapes with placid lakes, quaint villages, and extremely attractive castles. From mesmerizing countryside sceneries to the world-class cosmopolitans like Geneva, Zurich, and Berne, Switzerland is a perfect combination of beauty and prosperity.

Venice, Italy

Situated in the Northern region of Italy, Venice is famously known for its amazing waterways. The mysterious backwaters of this city are surreptitiously intertwined in the heart of its stunning architecture. Built on over 100 small islands, the amazing network of passageways makes Venice literally a floating city. A Gondola ride on these waterways attracts thousands of romantic couples each year. The city’s architectural marvels include Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica, Rialto Bridge, and the world-famous glassblowing factories on the island of Murano. All these attractions make Venice a place to flock to.


Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius may be small, but the beauty of the island exceeds its size. A heavenly destination in its own ways, Mauritius has plenty to offer. Outstanding beaches, French colonial houses, interesting museums, and attractive shopping, the island entertains with a bit of everything. Couples can enjoy botanic gardens, animal parks, nature walks, eco-adventure playgrounds, and beautiful beaches.

Paris, France

The city of love and romance is not just a euphemism for Paris. The city indeed is just that, and every couple should visit once in their lifetime. Honeymooners from around the world will enjoy walks along the Seine River, lattes at sidewalk cafes, and the admiring the glowing Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower itself has become a symbol of love and thousands of marriage proposals are made under it every year. Apart from Paris, there are many other stops that should be included on a tour to France – the countryside, citadels, chateaus, and vineyards. France is known for its lovely wines and newlyweds often enjoy exotic bottles as gifts. Friends and families of the newlywed couples often give bottles of Champaign with exotic wedding Champaign labels as gifts that will be remembered long after the “cheers”.

New Zealand

A spectacular country situated in the faraway South Pacific, New Zealand’s natural beauty is un-spoiled and unadulterated, an ideal place for honeymooners to explore. WIth picture-perfect backdrops, there are various attractive tourist spots like Abel Tasman National Park, amazing glaciers, Queenstown, Christchurch, Taupo etc. Want to get you blood going, grab your hunny and take advantage of some the extreme sports like bungee jumping, snow skiing, and scuba diving.

Mahe Island, Seychelles

Seychelles – offering serene beaches, underwater wonders, and island hopping. Mahe Island is one such perfect beauty, which nobody will want to leave. The island is widely known for its idyllic beauty, and its mountains and beaches are among the most sought after places by the newlyweds for a perfect honeymoon destination. Book your stay now at one of its mesmerizing spas or resorts.

Santorini, Greece

Arguably Greece’s most enduring island, Santorini is a must-see on every traveler’s bucketlist. Its riveting beauty can make anyone believe that it was built by Gods themselves. With astonishing sunsets, transparent beaches, exotic foods, historical places, and all encompassing culture, Santorini will take your breathe away. The towering cliffs, sky blue waters, and whitewashed towns of Santorini will leave you with truly unforgettable honeymoon memories.

Tuscany, Italy

A living paradise in it’s owns right, Tuscany is one of the most awe-inspiring marvels of Italy, the perfect pick for honeymoon couples. Tuscany boasts startling coasts, sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and steep headlands, ideal getaways for couples. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany emerges for the world to see and enjoy.

St. Barts

St. Barts is officially known as Saint Barthelemy – a French speaking Caribbean Island widely known for its white sandy beaches and breathtaking resorts, spas, and villas. Although St. Barts is a hotspot for the rich and famous, it’s enriching beauty beckons honeymoon couples to fall in love. Everything from the food, weather, activities, boats, and beach parties, Saint Barts has become a jewel in the Caribbean.


Honeymoons, for all their virtues, are a period that give a sweet opportunity for the newlyweds to unwind and enjoy each other. Memories created here can be cherished forever. Therefore, the destination you pick should be perfect for the two of you. The list above is just a starting point – go where your heart desires!

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