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You know how hard it is to travel – and still look chic and wonderful?My new travelbook solves your hardest diet and beauty problems, so that you can leave the house looking like Catherine Deneuve – and not wind up as Gerard Depardieu. I interviewed travel professionals, celebrities, and “road warrior” executive women, to learn their insider tips. Read on to discover how you can travel in style and look – and feel -- like a fashionable celebrity, so your only problem is dodging the paparazzi at the airport.

1).Being sick is not pretty.If you’re traveling to a foreign destination, by all means pack a FILLED prescription of antibiotics, so you have exactly what you need in case of a sinus infection or other malady.While you’re at it, make a photocopy of your passport and store it in your checked luggage.Keep the real deal in your purse.

2). Got jet lag? Samantha Brown of The Travel Channel, who travels about 360 days a year, revealed her tip for jet lag.A few days before her flight, she shuns all coffee.Then, at her destination, she does a double-shot of espresso.“My body absorbs it like gangbusters,” she told me. And when she needs particular items of clothing at her destination – say, cashmere for a cold climate – she always finds them at secondhand shops – for short money.

3). Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs swears by sending her luggage to her destination ahead of time – by FedEx. You can also use a service such as Luggage Forward. It’s for travelers seeking the utmost in convenience and reliability.It guarantees delivery of baggage from doorstep to destination.Rates start as low as $60.

4). Why not have a dazzling dermis at 35,000 feet?I discovered G.M. Collin’s organic “Bio-Organique” skincare and fell in love with the entire line.The Nourishing cream, for example, includes olive and argan oils, to help cell regeneration.Another fave is G.M. Collin’s Phyto Stem Cell Gel-Cream, which reverses the signs of aging and promotes cellular vitality.

5).Feeling flu-ish?Or just feeling completely drained?Your best friend and travel companion should be Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic remedy that is ideal for chills, aches, pains, fever and headache.I buy it by the cartload whenever I’m at the drugstore (or at the pharmacy, in France, where it’s manufactured). With no side effects whatsoever, Oscillo is a lifesaver.

6).Too tired to exercise?You’ll never be too pooped to pump iron, if you travel with these two sweethearts from Sunsweet.First, pack their Cherry-Essence Prunes – for only 20 calories apiece, you get a boatload of potassium and instant energy.Sunsweet also makes delicious Plum Sweets that are covered in delicious chocolate and are a million times better than your average Raisinet.For about 120 calories in 14 pieces, you’ll also get a big energy boost.

7). Need a quick luggage organizer?I use and re-purpose the zippered plastic cases that my sheets and pillowcases are packaged in. They serve as mini-compartments within my TravelPro luggage (the folks who invented the rolling carry-on).

And if you need to stash your sample sizes of cosmetics, store them in the small bottles found in a revolving spice rack.

8).Walk as much as you can – at the airport and at your destination – it won’t feel like a hard, laborious workout. I frequently even bring a jumprope – but if the gym is closed and your guest room is too small, just “go through the motions” of jumproping – but without the rope.If you swim, you might follow the example of a travel writer I know – she brings a pool thermometer, so that she can “check in and check out the pool temp” as soon as she arrives.If it’s not warm enough, she asks management to raise the temperature.

9).Taking a cruise on your honeymoon? You may not realize it, but the average weight gain on cruises is ONE POUND PER DAY. Once on board, you may want to meet with the Executive Chef, to ask for special orders of your favorite foods, prepared in a lowfat, low-calorie way. When I cruise, I even bring my own lowfat mayonnaise, so I can enjoy guilt-free tuna sandwiches.And make sure to NEVER eat full-freight salad dressings, which are loaded with calories.

10).TV Broadcaster Nancy O’Dell swears by traveling with Rusk haircare products,, such as W8Less Hairspray and Deepshine Oil. Plus, she loves Sally Hansen spray tanner -- she says that it gives her long, lean, “Barbie” legs!

Add The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide to your bridal registry – no bride should be without it.Available on,, and The book hit Number One on’s Bestseller List, in the “Honeymoon Travel Guide” category.


Add The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide to your bridal registry – no bride should be without it.Available on,, and The book hit Number One on’s Bestseller List, in the “Honeymoon Travel Guide” category.



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