Top Tanning Tips for Sun-Soaked Honeymooners

As you plan your dream destination wedding or honeymoon getaway, are you visualizing somewhere warm and far removed from your home base? Can you see yourself, looking tan and feeling terrific, as you walk along a white sand beach on your honeymoon trip? Are you radiating that tawny glow as your toes brush the sand? Do you look beautiful, with your sun-kissed skin complimenting your honeymoon bikini body, while the waves entice you for a swim?

To ensure your sunny honeymoon dream works out perfectly, don't forget to prep your skin! One of the best ways to do this is by starting your gorgeous wedding-worthy tan before you leave. For even smoother, more touchable skin, a pre-honeymoon body waxing appointment can also ensure you're prepared to enjoy every precious moment of your honeymoon without packing your shaver! A litlte advance preparation will bring you effortless beauty throughout your honeymoon vacation.

honeymoon-tanningWhy Go Tanning Before Your Honeymoon Trip?

Getting your vacation tan off to a good start before leaving home for warmer, balmy climates is a wise idea. It’s especially crucial if you’re prepping for one of the biggest days (and most intimate getaways) of your life, such as a destination wedding in a tropical paradise. Getting a basic tan is one of the simplest ways to make your skin look "beach wedding ready" and ensure you look radiant in your gown (or fancy tux) as you stand before your beloved, all the wedding guests, and lots of cameras.

A Good Pre-Wedding "Indoor Suntan" Boosts Your Body Confidence Because:

  • Enhances your figure, when viewed in person and later, when memorialized in wedding pics
  • Hides minor skin imperfections like cellulite, spider veins, stretch marks, and more
  • Makes your skin look smooth, as your pre-honeymoon base tan builds to a rich, even, golden tan during your trip
  • Deepens as you spend romantic honeymoon days at the island resort of your choice (Even though you have a base tan, don't forget to apply and re-apply lots of sunscreen throughout your trip.)
  • Saves you time and trouble (You'll have little need for makeup or hairstyling on your honeymoon. That's because you'll look great with your natural looking, tanning-salon tan! You can even skip shaving on your trip when you include a facial-hair removal session or professional body wax before you go.)
  • Inspires some great full-length selfies, whether on your beach chair or surfboard
  • Helps you look your very best in your wedding video(s) or honeymoon Facebook posts
  • Makes you feel more confident (and/or sexier) in your bikini or beach gear, whether you're up for some adventurous couples kite surfing, a relaxing afternoon by the pool, or a romantic sunset cruise

tanning-tipsWhat You Should Know About Tanning Before Your Honeymoon

Before you jet off on your fantastic wedding trip or honeymoon cruise, consider your options for UV tanning or spray tanning. Top tanning salons offer:

  • Indoor UV Tanning: At a state-of-the-art tanning salon, you should find your choice of traditional, lay-down tanning beds or standup UV tanning booths.
  • Spray Tanning: If you prefer, a sunless spray tan option should be offered at the higher-end tanning salons. Tanning salon spray tans look customized when you choose a salon with modern spray tan booths. Automatic spray tanning booths provide the quickest and most private salon spray-on tans.
  • Tanning Salon Amenities: Look for great amenities that make tanning completely comfortable. You should be able to switch on a nearby fan to keep cool during your tanning session. At top tanning salons, you'll also find a handy MP3 player hookup to listen to your favorite music. The best tanning salons also offer aromatherapy to enjoy while you tan. Choose from scents to relax or energize you for the rest of your day or evening. Top-notch tanning centers also offer post-tan hydrating skin products designed to add moisture, make your tan last, and keep your skin glowing.
  • Attentive Customer Service: Choose a tanning salon with friendly, knowledgeable customer service available to welcome you and answer any tanning questions you may have. Whether you're looking to establish a base tan before your honeymoon or to deepen your already tawny tone, customer service should be ready to advise you as needed. Your tanning specialist should be able to explain the workings and settings of the UV and/or spray tanning options—and give you a thorough tour if you're new to the salon. On the other hand, if you know the ropes, your salon specialist should be content to let you enjoy. Look for a salon where you'll have no annoying sales pitches to endure.
  • Discount Pricing Options: Look for a tanning salon that offers discounts for frequent tanning clients. This way, if you want unlimited tanning all year or a package price for a certain number of sessions to get ready for your honeymoon, you should have these options. You should also be able to drop in and pay as you go. Avoid any tanning salon that requires complex contracts. At the best tanning salons, you should be able to easily cancel your membership at any time, even if you're on auto-pay for convenience.
  • Convenient Hours & Locations: Be sure your chosen tanning salon has hours that fit your schedule. Ideally, they should have multiple locations that open early and stay open late. Of course, they should also be open weekends, too!


Tom Kelleher is the owner of Tommy’s Tanning Salons, with 14 locations (and counting) throughout CT. At Tommy's Tanning,  our friendly staff and high-tech tanning facilities have won us many loyal clients—and we hope to meet you soon. (For no-maintenance, touchable honeymoon skin, get waxed, too! At Tommy's Wax Centers, we'll help you look and feel your best—for your honeymoon, wedding, or vacation or anytime!)

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