Research Ensures a Smooth Honeymoon

Make sure you research and read all the fine print when it comes to your upcoming honeymoon - especially if you are traveling on a tour, staying at an all-inclusive or have booked a packaged deal. Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth honeymoon:

  • Read the small print of your brochures to make sure what is included.  For example, some all inclusives include alcoholic beverages, some do not, etc.
  • Don't unpack when you enter your hotel room. Have the bellboy check if the tv works, the windows open, and the air conditioning can be regulated.  You should check to make sure that the bed is large, that there are enough  towels and pillows, that the view your were promised is there, etc. If not, go return to the front desk and ask to be moved prior to settling in.
  • Find out how far away your resort is from the airport.  Ask if transportation to and from the airport is included. If not, ask if a specific transportation or taxi company is recommended.
  • Find out if the airfare to your airline gateway is included in your tour package.
  • If you are having a destination wedding, make sure that your resort has a wedding planner on staff  or ask if they can recommend a local planner. Talk to that person and begin making arrangements before you leave. Make an appointment to meet him or her upon arrival.

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