Top Ten LGBT Honeymoon Planning Tips

Planning is absolutely key for the success of every honeymoon, and it's doubly true for LGBT couples. Our research took us to sources from all around the LGBT wedding and honeymoon scene. Now we bring you, from the experts, our top ten LGBT honeymoon planning tips.

  • 10. Research the Destination

Are you going to be be honeymooning in locations and hotels that are tolerant of gay equality? The answer isn't always so obvious, so be sure to do plenty of research beforehand. The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, or IGLTA, is a great place to start. Popular travel guidebooks like Fodor's and Fromer's also include gay sections with area-specific tips and precautions for LGBT romance.

  • 9. Use Your Network

Do you have gay friends that have already tied the knot? They're your best resource. Find out from their experience what worked and what didn't, and use their mistakes to your advantage. The more couples you can speak to, the better!

  • 8. Consult the Professionals

A seasoned travel agent that specializes in LGBT escapes can be an incredible resource and prevent lots of headaches. Read reviews online to find a great one and let their expertise guide you smoothly through your trip planning. That way when it's time to escape, you can forget the details and just focus on loving your honeymoon sweetie.

  • 7. Consider the Venue

Gay cruises and destinations like Gay Club Med may sound like perfect LGBT honeymoon ideas because they focus exclusively to creating an LGBT paradise. The problem for honeymooning couples? Gay cruises are major hotspots for singles looking to meet, mingle and party the day away. On gay cruises the singles' party tends to take over, dominating the vibe and absorbing all the attention exactly when you and your other half want all the focus to be on you.

  • 6. Be Selective

Find hotels & resorts that are LGBT-friendly, like those we recommend here. Using resorts that market themselves specifically to LGBT couples can make all the difference and means you can request all the honeymoon touches like a room decorated with rose petals, couple's massages, champagne in the room, romantic dinners and more without worrying about intolerant staff. Finding the right hotel will mean you'll be treated like every other the hotel's treasured guests.

  • 5. Talk It Over

To ensure you and your lover are on the same page, talk it all over even before speaking to a travel agent so you both know what you're looking for. Is it rest and relaxation, or pulse-pounding adventure? Do you want to party in the bright lights of the city or relax by the rolling waves on a beach? Are you looking for something all inclusive and rigidly-planned, or free spirited and open-ended? How important is it that your hotel caters specifically to LGBT romance? Knowing yourselves as travelers and as a couple, and addressing these questions beforehand, allows you to plan a trip that will put you both in honeymoon heaven.

  • 4. Know Your Season

If you're taking a honeymoon right after the wedding, where you go will depend on the season. If it's a destination wedding, will you honeymoon in the same area or fly off to somewhere else? You don't want to book a cheap honeymoon flight to Southeast Asia only to find out it's the middle of typhoon season! Using a travel agent will reduce your research time and help you avoid the kind of timing headaches that can lead to honeymoon disaster.

  • 3. Give Yourselves Time

Straight couples have a million things to consider when they're planning their honeymoon, and LGBT couples have twice as many! This is one of the major reasons we recommend using a travel agent, but even if you do, give yourselves plenty of time to plan every detail. Overlooking something could ruin the trip, and with so many things to think about you'll want to give yourselves plenty of room to make it perfect.

  • 2. Roll With the Punches

Trying to plan something so important to you both can cause major stress, but don't let it affect your relationship! If things get overwhelming step back, take a breather and look at things with fresh eyes. Don't let your goal of creating a perfect escape get in the way of your love for each other. And then, if something ends up not working out, being able to get through it with a smile will make all the difference. Roll with the punches and don't stress, because not everything works, but love is what your honeymoon is all about!

  • 1. Make It About Love

The most important thing about planning your honeymoon is to do it together and make it one you'll both love. Staying equally invested in the planning process, so it's something you imagined together, will make it all the more special when you can finally put it into motion. Use the planning time as an opportunity to grow together and get even closer than ever. It'll all pay off in the end with a romantic escape where you can lie back with your king or queen and bask in LGBT honeymoon heaven.

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