How to Pack for a Honeymoon

The secret to packing for your honeymoon (or any other romantic getaway) lies in planning ahead, making and editing lists and incorporating special romance. You'll want to look your best morning, noon and night but stay within the confines of your allowed luggage size and weight allowance.  This means plenty of planning, lots of accessorizing and color mixing and matching. List every outfit you'd like to take, including jewelry and accessories, then eliminate the ones that can't be combined with others.


  • Pack each outfit and its accessories in separate plastic bags - this makes it easy to keep each outfit organized
  • Include more sexy lingerie than usual (he'll appreciate it - trust us)
  • Pack a few romantic touches (scented travel candles or some scented massage oil, create a romantic playlist)
  • Pack shoes on the bottom and fill them with small items (like rolled socks or jewelry bags.
  • Roll daytime clothes when you can.  Pack dressy outfits in plastic bags from the dry cleaner to keep them wrinkle free.
  • Layer everything. Put crushable items, such as workout clothes, on the bottom and the most fragile ones on top.
  • Fold carefully. Turn jacket sleeves inside out.  Place sweaters, socks, tee shirts and smaller items between shoes.
  • Pack all liquids in plastic bags.  Put travel sized cosmetics in plastic bags in your carryon - remember the 3 ounce rule when it comes to carry-ons.
  • Pack a dirty laundry bag. This makes life much easier upon returning home. If most of your clothes end up dirty, keep your clean clothes in the bag to keep them separated.
  • Pack sunglasses, medicines, your bathing suit, cover up and one change of clothes in your carry-on.


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