How to Make Your Honeymoon More Romantic

Don't assume that you'll trip will be romantic just because it's your honeymoon. Do all you can to make your honeymoon even more romantic by planning memorable activities BEFORE you go. Never forget that your honeymoon is the beginning of your new life together- start it off on the right foot: 

  • Spread the Word—tell everyone that it's your honeymoon: the airline check-in counter, the front desk of the hotel, the bellboy,  etc. Chances are that you'll be greeted with smiles and perks galore!
  • Tuck a small scented candle into the corner of your suitcase.
  • Keep a honeymoon diary to record magical moments. Leave room for photos and you'll have a great honeymoon album to share with friends and family.
  • Save small souvenirs from your trip.
  • Make a playlist for your iPods, MP3 player, etc. that you both love.
  • Book extradorinaiy experiences It's your honeymoon - make sure it's special. Book an elephant ride, a canopy trip, whale watching excursion, dinner for two at a table on the beach - special memorable moment that you'll remember for a lifetime.
  • Leave some free time to enjoy each other, and to enjoy your room, the view and the facilities in your  hotel or resort. Couples who travel out of the country often tend to over-schedule - make sure to take a break, relax and enjoy the moment.
  • Make it a practice to share a hope or dream for your futures together at each sun set.

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