How to Dress on Your Honeymoon -
Our Top Outfit Tips

After the wedding commotion is over, it’s time to enjoy your first days as a married couple on your honeymoon. Whether you are staying close or traveling far, heading for some r&r on the beach or thrilling adventures in the mountains, what to pack is on your mind. Wherever you are headed, a nice outfit or two, with the perfect pair of shoes and trendy accessories, can really top off an evening out. Below are some of our tips for honeymoon must-have outfits:

Romantic & Chic

Rompers are all the rage and for us, an absolute must on your honeymoon. Whether you opt for long sleeves and a plunging neckline or a sleeveless number, this little one-piece is the perfect clothing item to bring on a honeymoon. Match it with a pair of chic sandals, add a simple necklace, pull your hair back into a low bun and add a local flower for a picture-perfect look. It can be a fabulous ensemble for sightseeing, a night out, or for a romantic boat ride.

Casual & Cool

Whether you are enjoying some relaxation on the beach or hitting the town to see the sights, you'll need to be prepared. We recommend packing some casual pieces in your luggage. Denim shorts and a pair of espadrilles matched with one of your favorite women’s tops is all you need for a day of sightseeing or shopping. With a boho tote, a leather belt, and a stylish fedora hat, you’ll make the street your runway while protecting yourself from the elements.

Date Night

You will always be beautiful to your partner - no matter what you wear. But sometimes you want to look your best and on your honeymoon, that special dinner date may just be the time to bring out that little black dress! Whether black or red is your color, a cocktail dress is all you need to look fabulous and sweep your partner off their feet. Whether you prefer strapless, a short-sleeved or even a one-shoulder dress, a pair of nude high-ankle strap heels will go perfectly. Add some bling with a necklace and earrings and you are headed for an unforgettable evening.


Spending a day at the beach requires more than just a trendy swimsuit. If you plan on spending an entire day out - going from the beach to lunch then hitting up the gift shop later - make sure you have a multipurpose ensemble. Give your usual tank and shorts a trendy upgrade with a chic kaftan. Go for one with a relaxed fit and three-quarter-length batwing sleeves for both a fun in the sun and wine and dine feel. If you opt for a whimsical pattern, you won’t have to wait long for your bathing suit to dry because the pattern will cover it all. Match the kaftan with a pair of sandals, an oversized beach hat, a beach bag and pair of sunglasses and you'll be the talk of the beach.

Bedroom Attire

Appealing sleepwear is as important as any other element of your wardrobe. Invest in some delicate lingerie that will make your honeymoon even more exciting. From lace bralettes to silk lingerie, pack a little feminine touch to your bedroom attire. You may even want to include a romantic robe -  the perfect addition to your collection. You can wear it both in the morning over breakfast, and use it as a prelude for the bedtime fun.


Your honeymoon is a trip you’ll never forget. Pack a few outfits you won't regret wearing when looking back at those pictures.  From casual pieces to romantic dresses to sensual lingerie, thinking about every occasion and putting together an outfit to match will help you feel your best.

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