Honeymoon Wish List

Print and complete this wishlist with your fiancé by checking off which items are appealing to both of you! Rank on a list of 1 (being cheesy or boring) to 5 (being romantic and/or exciting).

Once you complete this list you now have an idea of where to start looking and what questions you need to ask before booking your accommodations. Once you have narrowed it down, you can decide where to head on your honeymoon based on price, distance, and accommodations.

Choose out of a hat or pin up all the locations you both like then throw a dart over your back to see which one it lands on! If you both don't agree on the choice, administer the 2 out of 3 rule! If an impasse is still in effect, let it come down to which destination has more of the activities that mean something to both of you!


____ Beachy & Secluded

____ Safari & Beyond

____ Rustic & Romantic

____ 5 Star & Luxury

____ No TV, Internet or Phones NEEDED in our Room!

____ Bring on The Beach

____ Treat us like a King & Queen

____ Adventurous & Then SOME!

____ Attractions and Tours & MORE

____ Honeyteering (Combining your honeymoon with volunteering)

____ GO GREEN (Eco Friendly ALL the Way)

____ Country Hoppers (The more we see the happier we are!)

____ All About The Food (We pick the place because of the food, we are true FOODIES)

____ Not Leaving The Room Till We Check Out!

____ All Inclusive and Well Known

____ (insert your own here)


____ Oceanfront Sunsets

____ Quaint Historic Streets

____ Wilderness & Mountains

____ Casinos

____ Local Bars & Restaurants

____ Sand & beaches

____ History & Culture

____ Weather Conducive to outdoor activities

____ Large Metropolitan Areas

____ Foreign Lands

____ Safari (Africa)

____ By Land (Driving Cross Country, Camping, Hiking)

____ By Sea (Cruising, Private Yachts, Sailing)

____ By Rail (Orient Express, Rail Adventures)

____ The More Snow THE BETTER! (Skiing, Tubing, Snow Boarding)

____ Adults Only Please

____ Clothing Optional Please

____ Cottages and/or Cabins

____ (Insert your own here)


____ Large Luxurious resorts

____ Quaint and Intimate Villas

____ Mountain Lodges

____ Ocean / Water Views

____ Butler Service

____ Chic Decor

____ Jacuzzi In Room

____ Swim Up Bars

____ Balconies or Terraces

____Large Plush Rooms

____ Private Plunge Pool

____ Boutique Properties Only (50 rooms or less)

____ Bed & Breakfast

____ Chain Hotels (I want to get or use my points)

____ All inclusive Properties

____Castles & Mansions

____ Relais & Chateaux

____ Top Spa Properties

____ Adventure Properties (hotels are based on adventures & outdoor activities)

____ (Insert your own here)


____ Casual Dining

____ Formal Dining

____ Convenience Store Hot Dogs

____ Midnight Buffets

____ Ethnic Cuisine

____ Local Cuisine

____ Street Tacos

____ Picnics

____ Entertainment While Dining

____ Dining Based on Your Own Schedule

____ Special Diet Meals: SPA Style / vegetarian / Gluten Free

____ All Inclusive

____ We Want To Cook For Ourselves

____ (Inset your own here)


____ Golf

____ Spa Treatments

____ Fishing

____ Sun Bathing

____ Snorkeling Scuba Diving

____ Reading & Relaxing

____ Water Sports

____ Snow Skiing / Boarding

____ Hiking / Rock Climbing

____ Nightlife - Wild and Crazy Clubs

____ Nightlife - Cozy and Relaxing Lounges

____ Nightlife - Shows & Entertainment

____ Nightlife - Casinos

____ Tennis

____ Pool Games & Entertainment

____ Quiet pool with NO KIDS

____ Sightseeing

____ Planned / Guided Tours

____ Art Museums And Theatre

____ Daytime Adventures ( ATV Tours, Bike Tours, Para Sailing, Zip-lines)

____ Dolphin Swims

____ Educational programs (Cooking Lessons, Art Lessons, Surf Lessons)

____ Swimming Up To The Bar Is The Only Activity I will Do

____ (Insert your own here)


____ First Class Only

____ Use My Mileage

____ Who Cares About Service, Just Get Us There!

____ We Can Only Drive

____ All Aboard, We Will Train It There!

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