Honeymoon Planning Schedule

The wedding date is set; your dress chosen and wedding plans are well underway, but don't (we repeat, DO NOT) leave your honeymoon till last.  Plan ahead to make it perfect. Honeymoons.com has put together a honeymoon planning schedule to help you along the way:

Most couples leave right after the wedding or within a few days.  If you plan to spend your wedding night in town, book a large room or suite in a nearby hotel at least six months in advance.  If you have an early flight departure, check out rooms in airport hotels.

6-9 months out:

  • Research then decide on your destination, find a travel agent, make an
     and discuss your wants and needs.  Book your
    resort, air reservations, airport transfers, car rentals and
    any other special arrangements.  Ask about the airline's
    baggage regulations.  If you have particular dietary or other
    needs, this is the time to mention them.  Don't forget to
    reserve a GPS for your rental car if you need one (it will be an unpleasant surprise to realize you don't have cell service in the middle of your Colorado road trip).
  • Get your passports.  If your passport is in your maiden name,
    your airline ticket should be too.  Let your travel agent know this
    before any flights are booked.
  • Research what the typical weather in your honeymoon destination is (remember to research the month you'll be there). This will help you to pack the right outfits.
  • Call the nearest Tourist Office of your destination and
    request brochures and information.  Ask for romantic restaurant recommendations and some "don't miss" honeymoon activities in the destination. Research their websites and make sure to check out Honeymoons.com's destination overview - we have lots of tips, trips and recommendations.


2 months out:     

  • Buy luggage if necessary. Check airline luggage restrictions to make sure yours will fit.
  • Plan your wardrobe and buy a few special items for your honeymoon. This IS a special trip for you and your new spouse so don't skimp on a new bathing suit or some sexy lingerie he hasn't seen.


1 month out:    

  • Ask your travel agent to re-confirm all arrangements.
  • Make sure that all of your hotels, resorts, and airlines know that you are on your honeymoon - most will go the extra mile to make sure every detail is special.
  • Double check that your room has a king size bed and an ocean,
    mountain or panoramic view (etc.)


Your wedding day:  

  • Get a copy of your marriage certificate to carry with your travel documents.

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