Four Amazing Ways to Use Technology in Your Wedding

When planning your wedding, you are likely trying to make sure every detail is perfect. Incorporating touches of traditional elements allows your wedding a classic feel, but what about making it modern and fun? Technology has made tremendous leaps and bounds since the time of your parent’s wedding. In addition to having “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” , why not expand on the “new” and use technology - not only to give your wedding some modern flair, but also to make the planning process a little easier. Below are four ways technology can be used in the wedding process.

1. Use Mobile Appsiphone-410324_1280_resized

Are you still hunting for that perfect wedding venue in Los Angeles, a skilled photographer for your mountain wedding, or even a country band for your back-yard barn wedding? There are a number of wedding apps that offer the power of having your own wedding planner right in your pocket. Free to use, Wedding Wire offers to-do-lists, a date countdown, and allows you to view over 200,000 wedding vendors. It also allows you to view various wedding galleries to get ideas and connect with recent married couples for tips.

It may not be free, but it is by far one of the most comprehensive wedding apps on the market; Appy Couple coordinates with your wedding website and assists you in managing your guest list, track RSVPs, allows for group messaging so you can communicate with your bridesmaids, and your guests can even upload photos to the app. This is especially nice for family and friends who unable to make it to your big day because they can follow your wedding by logging in to the platform.


Another great app, and one that most people have or are at least aware of, is Instagram. Instead of paying big bucks for a wedding photographer, personalize your wedding memories by having guests use Instagram and a dedicated hashtag for photos posted throughout day. With a few hundred people taking photos while choosing from various filter and effect options, you will get a wide variety of shots through the eyes of those you love.

2. Print Your Own Sweetspexels-photo-136745_resized

Imagine having a printer that prints your own candy? 3D Systems has created the ChefJet 3D printer, a device that takes sugar and converts it through a printing system to make delicious candies and cookies. Imagine having a station where wedding guests can be amazed, taking turns printing their own cookies and candies. Flavors come in chocolate, vanilla, mint, cherry, sour apple, and watermelon. The sweets come in color, and can take on geometric shapes, or traditional shapes.

3. Say "I Do" with Dronesdrone-1579117_1280_resized

If you or your spouse-to-be love technology and you have a quirky sense of humor, there are a number of ways to incorporate drones into the wedding ceremony and events to follow. You can have one drone with a little veil carrying the “bride cam” and another with a black bowtie carrying the “groom cam” as they track the bride down the aisle to the altar, and hover over the groom as he waits to say “I Do”. You can also use a drone to be the ring bearer or to release a net of rose petals at the moment the bride is kissed. Why not fly a drone 100 feet above the guests to drop the garter and flowers? You can even fly the drone around to capture images of the dinner, dancing, and other events.

4. Use Robot Butlersrobot_resized

Imagine being at a wedding feast, and a robot butler that recognizes your voice winks and smiles at you, while delivering that martini you ordered. The Segway Robot can entertain guests by functioning like a standard hoverboard, and then switch into “butler mode” to serve guests. When butler mode is initiated a head pops up complete with a camera, and has detachable, functional arms. It uses voice recognition technology to identify people, and is capable of making various facial expressions. The Segway Robot relies on Intel RealSense technology and uses an Android-based open platform. The Segway Robot can also detect motion, and knows when people are at the door. You can program it to deliver drinks, give people their car keys, or send humorous messages.

Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner

If you love technology, don’t be shy when it comes to using it to either plan your wedding, or make the ceremony modern. Explore the tech world, and find something you can easily integrate into your special day that will leave people talking about your wedding for a lifetime.

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