Five Trends in Wedding Videography

You want to hear a wedding joke sure to "quack" you up? Well, we are going to tell you one anyway.

What did the duck wear at his wedding?

- a duck-xedo

While a duck wedding sounds cute, a duck-themed wedding is not a current trend. However, you will find several hot trends in wedding videography from our Atlanta Wedding Videography friends at Rooted Pine Films below.


The Flyover

With the advancement of technology comes the update of cool tools videographers can add to their arsenal. As drones have been easily maneuverable and user-friendly, more and more wedding videographers are utilizing them to their advantage. The flyover angle has become a staple in many wedding videos today. If you are having an outdoor wedding, or the exterior of your venue is picture-perfect, ask your videographer if they fly drones. They will make for a breathtaking effect, add some extra seasoning and help you remember the (quite literally) big picture of your magical day.

The Little Details

If you watch your parents' wedding video, you will most likely witness their wedding ceremony via tripod; the toasts through uncles; and the reception by way of the semi-intoxicated, shaky-handed bridesmaid or groomsman. You will see the big picture of what happened that day, but have missed the little details. Today's videos are exceptional. Your videographer not only captures the big events of the day, but also the little things you spend so much time planning. The polka dots on your groom's tie, the subtle design in the lace of your white dress or even the spread of cuisine laid out before your guests. Your videographers are capturing it all and highlighting the things you didn't know needed highlighting.

The Story

All filmmakers are story-tellers. By hiring a wedding videographer, you've allowed them into your life to help write yours. Wedding videos are increasingly becoming like movie trailers, including all the action leading up to the climax, and just enough information about the plot to keep the audience wanting more. Less couples are wanting a generic video of their ceremony and toasts and amateurish edit footage of their friends. Rather, couples crave a film that emphasizes their wedding day from wake up and make up to send off.

The Voiceover

No, couples do not have a Liam Neesom-esque voice narrating their wedding video. Videographers are coupling their audio of speeches, toasts, sermons and vows with their footage of the wedding. You wrote your vows, your friends and family wrote their toasts and your officiant wrote a sermon all for you both; so why not incorporate all the media captured on your wedding day? Couples will love looking back and hearing what their spouse pledged to them on that day.

The Secret Moments

Videographers are now displaying the more secret, behind the scenes moments from couples' wedding days. Instead of the plain-Jane video of the obvious wedding day festivities, videographers are showing the pre-wedding preparations and the intimate footage of the personal photoshoots. The day of the generic "big moment wedding video" is over; now couples are more focused on the secret moments - especially since that is most likely when all the cute moments happen.

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