Five Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

The decision to hire a wedding videographer often hinges on the amount of scraps leftover in your wedding budget. However, if you are planning your dream wedding, we implore you to make hiring a videographer a high priority. You spend countless hours planning and making decisions, and devote heaps of dough to the cause; it only seems fitting that you document it appropriately. Our Atlanta Wedding Videography friends at Rooted Pine Films share five reasons why you need to hire a wedding videographer.


Your Own Film for Years to Come

Your wedding will be gloriously magical. Unfortunately, for many couples, it flies by way too quickly for you to genuinely take it all in. Having a videographer present will allow you to be a fly on the wall of you own wedding. It also enables you to see all the great details you fashioned while planning. Many videographers will give you a film of your entire ceremony, include toasts, and then create a custom video story highlighting your day. Having all these digitally makes them easy to access for many, many years!

View in Real-Time

Everyone loves pictures of the groom as he surveys his bride's enchanting entry down the aisle. We love to watch his jaw drop and he's eyes overflow with tears. But how much better is a real-time viewing of this event? You are given the ability to witness a man, in one moment a confident statue leading his groomsmen down the lane, melt into mush, unable to keep the tears from his eyes. Hiring a videographer will allow you to watch this momentary metamorphosis of your future spouse and give you tears of your own as your remind yourself of that beautiful day every time you watch your wedding video.

Showing Off

OK, let's be honest for a moment. You don't hire a wedding videographer just to keep all that footage to yourself. You share it with the world! You show it off on every form of social media, your personal blog, maybe even "accidentally" send it to all your co-workers. Receiving your own personal love story in digital form gives you all the more reason and feasibility to share it with everyone near and dear.

Unexpected Moments

With a videographer around, the camera is always rolling. With the push of one button every second is chronicled, documenting every single moment, both expected and unexpected. Photos will catch your poses, but video will capture the overflowing love between you are your new spouse in its natural display. You'll seize stolen kisses and subtle glances , and you will be reminded of your love for each other through the understated, unanticipated instants.

Sights and Sounds

Last, but most certainly not least, a videographer not only opens up a new world of angles and viewpoints, but also contributes to jog your memory forever. you spent hours on your vows not to just leave them on a paper; listen to them annually, monthly or even daily, and remind yourselves of what you promises to one another. Hiring a videographer unlocks new doors to memorializing your big day through both sight and sound! Plus, if your spouse tries to say they never promised to take out the trash every week or rub your feet after a long day... you have proof;)

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